How to be green in your daily life


Because at SNOOC we are committed to protecting the planet, we care about our environment and our planet, so we take a certain responsibility in our work to respect our environment.

In this blog, we offer a list of things to do in your daily life to have less impact in terms of CO2.

Chose to use the bike every day as much as a car


Driving to work or school every day is the worst act in terms of air pollution.

If you live in a city, you can easily use a bicycle to get around, it is not only an ecological act, but at the same time you can exercise, cycling has a lot of benefits for your health .

Sort your waste and make compost 

Trier votre dechets

Let's sort our waste so as not to pollute our environment.

There are different bins at home to sort your waste, namely: the yellow bin, the green bin, the blue bin, the ordinary bin (brown lid, burgundy).

The yellow bin contains:

Plastic bottle
The green bin contains:

Transparent glass bottles in green or yellow amber color
Greasy and soiled papers
The blue bin contains:

Newspapers and magazines.
The ordinary bin contains:

Leftover meals
Anything that is not recyclable

Reduce or change your consumption of meat and dairy products


One of the culprits of greenhouse gas emissions in everyone's consumption is food. To reduce our carbon footprint, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of milk and meat products.

It's entirely possible to eat less meat (and less beef in particular), and that's even more important. For example, the WHO estimates that overconsumption of red meat (and in particular processed meat) is likely to have a negative effect on the prevalence of cancer, especially when the meat is cooked or cooked at high temperatures.

So to be more ecological and healthier, eat less beef, less lamb and less meat in general and opt for green products!

Maintain your home

Green house

The second most polluting is housing.

To be eco-responsible in your behavior at home, you must reduce the consumption of water, electricity and heat.

In other words, if you can take a shower as fast as possible without heating the water to a high temperature, you can easily take a quick shower.

In terms of electricity, the less you use, for example, the room you are not in, simply turn off the light, or get solar power.


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