• Chamonix: practice SNOOC with the ESF (Interview)

    Chamonix: practice SNOOC with the ESF (Interview)
    A practitioner of ski touring, downhill skiing, Jean Charles Poirot National Monitor of the ESF (French Ski School) likes to diversify the activities and discover new disciplines. An interview conducted by Cyril Colmet Daage president of SNOOC. Cyril (C): Before getting to the heart of the matter, who are you?   Jean Charles Poirot (JC): I was born in Chamonix, a former top athlete...
  • You can still ski with osteoarthritis.

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    You can still ski with osteoarthritis.
    Skiers with suffering related to osteoarthritis Skiers whose cartilage is affected by problems of osteoarthritis, the origin of which can be multiple, age of course, but also to the practice of high intensity sports, hereditary bone capital, unsuitable postures. Skiing with osteoarthritis: How to continue skiing with joint problems Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to give up board sports when suffering...
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