With the decisions not to open the ski lifts, the question of a glass of water half full or half empty no longer arises; the level is clearly at the lowest ...

activité ski noel 2020


However, should we throw away what remains at the bottom of the glass?




Despite the ban on selling packages during this period, it seems relevant to us to explore everything that can be put in place to boost package sales at the time of recovery and even for years to come.

No magic, no disruption of the business model but a systematic optimization of each growth path. It’s the small streams that make up the big rivers.

So let's explore together a growth driver to put in place over the Christmas period 2020:

the conversion of non-skiers and the increase in the average basket of skiers!
Let's start with a simple question: Who will be going to ski resorts at Christmas?

We observe that:

- confinement eases just before the holidays

- travel is limited

- the mountain becomes once again a refuge value since the spaces are free

- the territories are pushing off-ski offers

Conclusion: the situation is similar to that of this summer

This summer, after a period of doubt, the mountain was surprised by the wave of neo-montagnards.

According to the law which says that the same causes lead to the same effects ... The result which can be expected would therefore be a significant increase in non-skier visitors to the resort.

Be careful, we are not saying that the mountain will be as busy as in previous winters, but that like this summer, the clientele will probably be very different from the usual clientele and more numerous than we imagine in our scenarios.

Let's take care of this new clientele in need of fresh air and space.

How to use this situation where the ski lifts are not open, to educate visitors about skiing? Make them want to come back down the slopes effortlessly?

Well-informed minds will say that it is not very fun to go up the slope in ski boots to learn.

Some will say that it is better to know how to ski before going ski touring :-))

Still others will say that there is not enough equipment in the resort to test ski touring for all holidaymakers.

If the problem is the material and the technicality of the ski, offer them activities that offer a quick and accessible mastery without shoes or specific equipment.

Activities easy to set up on a snow front which promote other pleasures of skiing accessible by teleport and complementary to skiing ...

Let's give them a taste, let's make them loyal…!

The challenge:

provide positive experiences for non-skiers, and convert some into activities that complement skiing.
show skiers that they can stay longer on the area to enjoy additional experiences.

Let us be concrete and pragmatic.


What activity !?
Among the sliding activities that are practiced using the ski lifts, equipped with flexible and comfortable shoes to be easily tested on the snow front, you will find the SNOOC.

Where to do it?
Suggest that your holidaymakers discover this way of sliding on the snow front in a fun parallel slalom-type area about 100m long with ascent on foot.

How to finance it?

The paid activity is self-financing over this period.

As the ski lifts are closed, there will be a large concentration of holidaymakers in the village (although the resort is less crowded than usual)

To make the activity accessible and fun, offer a price of € 3 for 15 minutes.

With a fleet of 20 Snoocs, you can pass 20 people every quarter of an hour for 5 hours of activity per day (around 20 rotations).

Or a potential turnover of € 3 x 20 snooc x 20 rotations = € 1,200 per day. This allows the activity to be largely profitable, with low investments.

How to organize it, I have the material but I am not a facilitator!
Among the many possibilities, a partnership with the ski school can be a good solution. The generated turnover makes it possible to remunerate the monitor during the day and therefore to keep a salary.

If the ski school is equipped with Snooc hiking, the instructor can also promote this activity in the fun area and generate additional activity for the instructors.

SNOOC école de ski


How to communicate?
The tourist office will probably be happy to have an additional activity to ensure a positive experience for holidaymakers on the resort. It will ensure communication with holidaymakers who request it and will probably participate in highlighting the event with the means at its disposal (sound system, lighting, etc.).

How to respect the sanitary provisions?
The practice area is delimited. Only 20 people can access the area at the same time. Participants recommend never to be more than 6/8 at the start of the descent and are asked to space every 2m during the ascent.

It is possible to make reservations at the tourist office or to register on site with contactless payment or by mobile application.

There is no equipment on the station!

The Snooc team takes care of the logistics and the setting up of daily entertainment.

SNOOC DH is distributed by a young Chambérienne startup located in Montmélian. The material is delivered in about 5 days.

What interest for us, operator of ski lifts?
In two weeks, you will be testing 6,000 people *, which you probably wouldn't have touched otherwise (not counting the word of mouth that it will generate). Give your visitors another reason to use your ski lifts.

During this particular period, you direct the flow of holidaymakers towards a secure and controlled activity.

* (15 days x 20 snooc x 20 rotations)

What interest for us Tourist Office?
You have an activity that allows 400 people * / days to participate continuously while respecting health recommendations.

The activity is flexible, easy and quick to set up, on flexible hours (day, evening)

The activity can become a common thread up to a fun championship on the last day of the week, including hiking discovery outings organized by the ski school.

Photo of the night seminar at Les Planards

* 20 rotation of 20 people

What interest for us ski school?
Maintain an economic activity for monitors
Maintain contact with customers
Postpone ski lessons on a fun or hiking activity accessible to all and as a family.
eg: "we suggest that you exchange a week of your child's ski lessons with a 1-day family outing for 4 people on a hiking sled".


snooc esf



In short, there is no magic wand, no resignation.

Just a desire to do the best to prepare for the future by using the elements of the current situation, conducive to reaching non-skiers and promoting ski lift activities.

We will be happy to discuss with you the other marketing levers to generate word of mouth, optimize the impact and the corresponding turnover.

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