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What is the SNOOC?

It’s a piece of equipment that brings you a new way to discover the mountains in winter. It combines the ease of use of snowshoes together with the pleasure of riding down powder snow.


Ready for a ride down with the buddies.

What more does the SNOOC bring?

The pleasure to ride through unique landscapes, close to nature,
without prior training.
In the wake of stand-up paddle boarding, the SNOOC gives access to nature in a light-sport and fun kind of way. It’s an experience to share with others. Everyone will enjoy themselves, whatever their winter sport skills. The Snooc brings together groups of varying skiing level, families, friends, outdoor groups, companies, to partake in a binding, fun activity.


How does it work?

On the way up, the user puts on two skis, equipped with bindings and skins. He wears normal hiking shoes and can thus climb comfortably with a light equipment.

At the top of the hike, he unscrews two quick-release clasps, removes the skins and bindings that he puts away in his backpack (2 lbs).

He stacks one ski on top of the other, add the seat and shock absorber (5 lbs) from his backpack and locks everything in place with the two clasps.

The transformation takes less than 5 minutes.

He then sits on the SNOOC to ride down comfortably and effortlessly.


The SNOOC is extremely easy to handle.

And to use it?

Learning how to ride a SNOOC is very quick. People who have never skied before will be able to handle their trajectory and stopping after less than 5 min of training.

The user can stay in control of his/her speed by keeping both feets on the ground and is not afraid of falling as the ground is only 6 inches below.

To turn, one simply rotate the shoulders. A sharper turn and side skid will allow for a complete stop in seconds.

After one “discovery” ride, and depending on his/her mountain experience, the user can go explore the moutains, with a guide or on marked trails.


Reaching the top of the hike.

Who can use the SNOOC?

From 10 years old, until 70 and beyond, the SNOOC appeals to nature lovers, in search of great landscapes, to those looking for new thrills, and more generally, to all who like riding, moving, sharing.

This activity fits right in the new trend of nature sports that is gaining so much momentum: trail running, touring ski, stand-up paddle boarding.

Where to use a SNOOC?

One only needs a snowy slope to have fun with a SNOOC. Our website, will soon feature a selection of favorite hikes to enjoy with a SNOOC in the Alps and in the United States.

Where to find it?

For those who want to acquire their own equipment, the SNOOC can be purchased on our website.
The SNOOC is also available for rent in the shops listed on our website. Visitor Centers in ski resorts are offering discovery sessions in dedicated groomed areas, before taking you to the backcountry. Off-pist hikes, organized by local guides, are available at the local Visitor Centers.

How did we come by the idea?

While looking for a way to share his love of the mountains with his non-skier friends, Cyril re-discovered in 2007 a century old mean of transportation in Haute-Savoie: the Paret. He has improving it ever since so that it would meet all the expectations of hikers: a compact, comfortable, light and easy to handle piece of equipment!

What did it take to be here today?

The conception of the SNOOC as it is today took 7 years, and was made possible with the collaboration of several technical schools in the Alpine regions: Lycée Monge, La Salle Saint Anne Savoisienne and Polytech Savoie.

Experts in their own fields have also assisted in the development: a prosthetics engineer specialized in blades for paralympic runners for the Snooc’s shock absorber, a polar explorer for the bindings, and aeronautics engineer expert in glider’s technologies for the seat.

In 2015, the SNOOC receives 1st Prize at Design Summer Camp in Annecy and is the Winter Hardware Finalist of ISPO Brand New Award in Munich


With the SNOOC you can reach unique landscapes.

Where is it built?

The SNOOC is made in France and assembled in Chambéry by a team of workers with disabilities and special needs. The ski and skins are tailored made in Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

Who is behind the SNOOC?

SNOOC is a trademark of Zi Manufacture SAS, a family start-up established in May 2015. The original team is Cyril Colmet Daâge (owner), Timothée Colmet Daâge (marketing) and Jacques Dollé (design). The team quickly grows by the end of 2015 to include: Marc Ehrsam (Logistics and Finance), Guillaume Bonnet (R&D), Emmanuelle Scalzo (Communication), Thibault Fontaine (Business development), Audrey Cuercq (Business development), Edouard Girard (Business development and marketing), Alexandra Di Rito (Social networks).

Where are we at?

We’re finalizing the assembly of our production batch for winter 2016/17. More than 60 ski resorts in France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland accept the SNOOC on their lifts.
A mobile app enables you to share and find the best suited hikes for your SNOOC.

The first orders this winter will ship by mid-December 2016.


Our partners:

Numerous private and public institutions quickly understood the potential of the SNOOC to become a great support to the mountain economy. They bring their partnerships and help in the form of financial support and entrepreneurship mentoring.

Our ambitions?

We are settling in the French market and already targeting several other countries of the Alpine regions for 2016. Switzerland, Austria, Italy have a great potential for the SNOOC. We also maintain since 2015 a small presence in California, USA.

Zi Manufacture is established in 2015,

94, rue du Laurier 73000 Chambéry

+33 6 29 75 66 64  —  hello@snooc.ski