The Snooc is a 2-in-1 hiking and skiing equipment designed to take you in the mountains to discover the winter backcountry. It’s light and very easy to handle.

The Snooc is sold with the following parts:

  • 1 pair of skis
  • 1 seat
  • 1 foot
  • 1 carbon shock
  • 1 pair of bindings with straps
  • 1 pair of synthetic skins
  • 2 quick release screws
Seat + foot

56x30x10 cm

2 kg

Carbon shock

high clearance
holds 150 kg, easy

260 g


L: 135 cm
sidecut 117/99/116

2.8 kg / pair


shoe size (EU) 34-50
(incl straps)

560 g / pair

All terrain

Hike up
Ride down

accessible to all

Ultra light

the easy way

only 6 lbs in your backpack


With the same equipment, you will be able to hike up the mountain and ride down the slope sitting on one ski. This is how it happens:



how to step in

how to transform back to ski

how to take the chairlift

Clothing and accessories

What type of shoe can I use?

You want your shoes to be comfortable, high on the ankle and warm enough. Your hiking or snow boots, will be perfect. As long as you feel comfortable in them and they hold you well, you’ll fully enjoy your day out.

  • Snowboard or mountaineering boots are a tad too rigid and heavy
  • Ski boots are definitely NOT recommended
What shoe size fit the bindings?

It takes a wide range of sizes:

  • 4.5 to 13 US
  • 36 to 50 EU
  • 3 to 13 UK
How should I dress to Snooc?

Your average ski/snowboard outfit should do just fine. At the very least, wear warm and snow-proof clothes with strong gloves. Gaiters and a helmet are highly recommended. And you might want to wear goggles and a scarf to protect your face from the snow drifts.

Where to go

I do not know anything about off-pist skiing, where can I practice?

Our mobile application “SNOOC” will refer you to some routes. Apart from the SNOOC app, there is also quite a lot of information on snowshoe hikes or cross country ski-touring, where listed itineraries are appropriate for the Snooc. For safety, we recommend that you hire a guide or a ski teacher who will guide you safely and train you to become autonomous. To find a guide, check out our mobile app.

Snooc and people

I don't know how to ski, can I Snooc?

Yes! Get into it! Just a few minutes are enough to learn how to master the Snooc. About 100 meters on a grade blue slope is enough to learn how to ride. If you fall, you only fall 20 cm…

How old to Snooc?

For cross country skiing, the Snooc is designed for people between the ages of 10 and 90 years old. the smallest shoe size that will fit into the bindings is 36. We recommend parents supervise minors for the first downhill ride.

I weigh more than 100 kg, can I Snooc?

The Snooc is designed to accept a wide range of different sizes, and there’s no weight limit. Just keep in mind that it is meant to be used on the snow … not for aerial acrobatics ;-).

What risks do I take when going for a Snooc ride in the mountains?

The mountains are a wondrous natural environment. And even though the Snooc can be used on slightly-sloping forest trails and roads, the upper slopes can be hazardous. Before a hike consult a professional (guide, local shop) about your itinerary and when in doubt, hire a guide. Accredited professionals will be able to advise you, or guide you on possible routes according to meteorological and snowpack conditions.


Is the Snooc strong?

We’ve put the Snooc under high stress many times during the testing phase. Under normal use, the Snooc will accompany you on hikes for many years!

The binings don't look reassuring, are they tough enough?

Snooc bindings have been developed in partnership with Eric Phillips, the polar explorer. Using this binding he crossed thousands of miles in temperatures lower than -40°… what more can we say? Probably one of the most comfortable and solid bindings in the World today.

Don't I need tools to transform the Snooc?

The only tools you’ll need to transform the Snooc are your hands. The bindings and the seat for the downhill position are attached using quick release levers.

Is it heavy?

Uphill, the Snooc weighs less than 2 kg in your backpack. Downhill, it carries you.

What's in a Snooc?

The Snooc is a piece of equipment for uphill AND downhill activity. As far as we know it’s the most efficient way to ski up and down the mountain off-piste.

The Snooc is comprised of:

  • one pair of specifically designed skis,
  • one pair of ski skins,
  • one pair of bindings,
  • one seat,
  • one shock absorber.

How to Snooc

Does it go fast?

Hell yes! The rider’s position on the Snooc allows him/her to control speed over every meter of downhill, either with feet on the ground or by skidding. Having said that, the Snooc possesses great potential for speed over the snow, and a well instructed or experienced rider can attain the same speeds as a skier.

Is it stable?

The Snooc is particularly stable. To start off, you have your feet on the ground on both sides of the ski, giving the rider three points of contact with the ground. Which is more stable than standing on two skis, where you have only two points in contact with the snow. With two feet on the ground speed can be easily regulated and braking is easy, as is stopping completely.

Can I ski down with the Snooc skis?

No. The bindings are not made for skiing down. They are so flexible that you will not manage to control your skis during a skid. We urge you strongly not to try it.

What are the safety elements of the Snooc?

The handle has been designed to retract in case of a shock.

How long does it take to transform the Snooc?

After a few runs, the Snooc turns from uphill mode to downhill mode in 3 min. Practice at home once or twice before getting started, and it will become a mere formality!