Reconnect with the wonders of the mountains!

Experience the pleasure of a discovery hike in the mountains together
with a fun and comfortable ride down, go-kart style.


Hike in the backcountry


With the Snooc, you can simply go hike in the backcountry with your hiking boots on 2 skis. The synthetic skins under the skis make it easy to go up the snow without sliding backward. It’s a great way to go discover pristine winter landscapes outside of the ski resorts.

Ride down in powder


Once you’ve reached the summit of your hike, your Snooc is transformed into a slick sled. You combine the 2 skis on top of each others and add the light (2.2kg) and sturdy seat that you were carrying in your small day pack. It takes less than 3 min.

And off you go riding down the snowy hills seated on one ski. It is very easy to control and stop, you only need a few minutes to graps the basics and enjoy yourself in all safety.

Meet the Snooc

A revolutionary sports equipment that enables everyone to go discover the backcountry in winter.

You go up on short skis and assemble them to go down sitting on one. Super easy and fun to maneuver, the Snooc can be enjoyed by anyone from day one!

2 skis going up, piled into 1 to ride down. Transforms in less than 5 min.

Collapsible foot, to fit in a small backpack.

Carbon shock absorber: ultra resistant, ultimate comfort.

Sexy curves, gorgeous looks.

Ultra light in your backpack and on your feet

The most compact equipment to hike and ride in the backcountry

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Look, it’s a Snooc!



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