Increase the number of people using ski lifts in winter !

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How can we increase the number of people using ski lifts in winter?!
In this article, we present a scalable business model with a strong potential for development:
Using existing infrastructures Integrated into the existing operation of the ski area. Based on the digitalisation of the customer journey



  • convince non-skiers to use the ski lifts,
  • keep skiers on ski lifts even when they are looking for a variety of experiences,
  • increase the attractiveness of the ski resort for mixed groups of skiers/non-skiers,




to overcome these obstacles and increase access to the ski slopes

  • Reduce the customer’s journey to 5 minutes to get equipped and take the lift
  • reduce the learning time to 10 minutes to enjoy the slopes
  • recruit new customers by offering them a reassuring, free and instantaneous experience
  • a snowsport sensation that appeals to skiers and non-skiers alike


A 5 minute customer journey !


An automated ski-seat management sytem, based on the model of electric scooters in cities, that shortens the customer's jouney on the lift.


The system manages :Racks automatique libre-service


  • The devices,
  • The deposit,
  • The payment,
  • The package (ski pass),
  • The client data.

Reaching out to non-skiers...

SNOOC non-skieur débutant

We were inspired by an adapted ski that facilitates access to skiing for people with physical difficulties.

This easy-to-use sit-ski allows everyone to enjoy the same ski-runs as a skier.It allows the user to ride alongside skiers, providing thrilling sensations in a completely safe way, and after only a few minutes of learning.

vidéo de Simon image de débutant, anciens, enfants, carving

The sensation of riding the Snooc is excellent, and an effective way to keep skiers on the lifts. A great way to sell additional passes that keeps everybody happy.

Recruiting customers

In order to accelerate the development of this growth opportunity, the activity must be visible and accessible.

SNOOC ZONE,located on the resort’s snow front, is a self-contained area dedicated to

SNooc zone d'apprentissage gratuite en stationcustomer recruitment. The aim is to generate impulse buying.

Thanks to the automated rack  “SNOOCLib”,  the customer downloads the application and registers to leave a deposit. He can then test the activity for free during 15mn. 


As soon as the time is exceeded, the customer is charged for the extra time used.
As soon as he wishes, the customer can use the ski lifts. The lift pass in included in the price of the Snooc (the pass is part of the seat) ! The customer is automatically debited when the equipment is returned to rack.

Finally, the SNOOC ZONE  can be transformed into a private seminar space for specific events that bring to the rack.

To clarity...



Parcours client type du skieur débutant

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