• The ideal snowshoe ski for exploring the great outdoors

    The ideal snowshoe ski for exploring the great outdoors
    But what is the point of snowshoe skiing? Easy! when the terrain does not justify having high-performance skis for the descent. Snowshoeing is more enjoyable than snowshoeing since it does not require any effort to lift the equipment, it suffices to slide the foot. It wears better in powder and it's quieter. But then in the Alps you will say to me, what interest...
  • Chamonix: practice SNOOC with the ESF (Interview)

    Chamonix: practice SNOOC with the ESF (Interview)
    A practitioner of ski touring, downhill skiing, Jean Charles Poirot National Monitor of the ESF (French Ski School) likes to diversify the activities and discover new disciplines. An interview conducted by Cyril Colmet Daage president of SNOOC. Cyril (C): Before getting to the heart of the matter, who are you?   Jean Charles Poirot (JC): I was born in Chamonix, a former top athlete...
  • Sledge run Chamonix

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    Sledge run Chamonix
    You are planning your 2021 winter vacations in Chamonix, with family or friends, and you are looking for a fun activity for non-skiers to enjoy the mountains. You will find in this article the best toboggan runs near Chamonix.   Toboggan track of the Bois du Bouchet A few steps from downtown Chamonix, come and discover the Bois du Bouchet sledge run. Close to...
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