SNOOC in Galtür (Austria)

Where to find Snooc in Galtür? But what is Snooc? You will find answers to these questions and many other useful information about Galtür on this page ;)

How does the Snooc in Galtür work?

Since this winter the Snooc, a new fun slide is accessible to all! To practice with family or friends. Available in self-service in front of the Galtür ski school !
It is possible to practice Snooc every day of the week from the opening of the ski area until its closing.

Where to pick up your SNOOC in Galtür ?

The Snooc vending machine is located in front of the Galtür ski school.
Renting your Snooc is easy!

  1. Download the SNOOC GO application for android or for Iphone
  2. Validate your account, enter your payment information (like for a bike or a scooter in the city), scan the QR code.
  3. Let's go!

At the rate of 7€ per hour, take advantage of the first 15 minutes free. And every Sunday, enjoy one free hour!


Which lifts should I take with my SNOOC in Galtür ?

Equipped with your ski pass, the best day of your stay awaits you !
Make sure you have soft shoes (ski boots are not allowed in Snooc).
Before taking the gondola, we recommend you practice by doing some turns and stops on the mats in the kindergarten. For this you can watch the tutorials directly on the application or on our website. After about ten minutes you will be ready to go down the blue Familienabfahrt (03).

For your first descent count between 30 and 45 min
When you are comfortable on this slope you can then use all the slopes that go down to Alpkogelbahn.

Focus on SNOOC ?

The SNOOC is a hybrid between a ski and a sled. It's called a sit-ski.

Snooc Skibike
If we go back a little in time, we find sleds with one runner, with a board to sit on. It was used by the villagers to move along the snowy slopes, keeping their feet on either side of the skate. The villagers used it to move along the snowy slopes, keeping their feet on either side of the skate.
The SNOOC is designed on the same principle: a seat is attached to a ski. You sit on the seat, place your feet horizontally on the snowy slope, and steer the SNOOC by rotating your shoulders to make turns. Once on it, it's very intuitive! You just have to try it.

Not only is it intuitive, but it is also a very safe activity. It can be enjoyed by everyone, and is also suitable for people with knee problems. . There is no need to know how to ski to enjoy the famous carving turns made possible by the presence of a real ski instead of a sled runner. Downhill, laughter and emotions that take us back to childhood.

Snooc Klumper freunde

You can share a SNOOC outing with your family, even several generations, with friends and even accompanying friends during their ski session! As long as you stay on the authorized SNOOC trails.

Some information about the Galtür station

Discover Galtür, a family destination. Experience the high alpine atmosphere and unspoiled nature. This Tyrolean village of 800 souls is located at the end of the Paznaun, near Ischgl at an altitude of 1,584 meters. A family resort with 43 km of slopes, a dynamic ski school that offers alternative skiing!

Sledding in Galtür

In the village of Galtür, next to the cultural and sports center, you will find a 200m long lighted sledging track, for the young and the not so young !



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