SNOOC in Crans Montana (Switzerland)

Where to find Snooc in Crans Montana ? But what is Snooc ? You will find answers to these questions and many other useful information about Crans Montana on this page ;)

The Snooc in Crans Montana, how does it work ?

Since the 2021-22 season the Snooc is available for self-service in the center of the resort from the Arnouva gondola.

It is possible to practice Snooc every day of the week from the opening of the domain until its closing.

Where to get your SNOOC in Crans Montana ?

The Snooc vending machine is located at the departure of the Arnouva gondola,
To rent your Snooc, nothing could be easier !

1. Download the SNOOC GO application for android or for Iphone

2. Validate your account, enter your payment information (like for a bike or a scooter in the city), scan the qr code.

3. Here we go !

Which lifts to take with my SNOOC in Crans Montana ?

You have your package ? The best day of your stay is waiting for you ! Equip yourself with soft shoes (ski boots are not allowed in Snooc). Head directly to the lifts that will take you to the ski slopes.
The lifts you can use in Snooc are :

  • The Montana - Arnouva cable car
  • Arnouva chairlift - Cry d'ER
  • The Crans - Cry d'ER cable car
  • You also have access to the carpet dispute on the Arnouva space

From the top of these lifts, you can take any trail that comes back to one of these lifts.

For your first Snooc experience we advise you to pick up your Snooc at the departure of the Montana - Arnouva gondola, and to go down on the blue run 4F. Take advantage of the gondola ride to watch the tutorials on the SNOOC GO application or on our website. For your first descent count between 30 and 45 min

Snooc sled with a woman sitting in front of the landscape

Focus on SNOOC ?

The SNOOC is a hybrid between a ski and a sled. It's called a sit-ski.
If we go back in time, we find sleds with only one skate, with a board to sit on. The villagers used it to move along the snowy slopes, keeping their feet on either side of the skate.

The SNOOC is designed on the same principle: a seat is attached to a ski. You sit on the seat, place your feet horizontally on the snowy slope, and steer the SNOOC by rotating your shoulders to make turns.

Once on it, it's very intuitive! You just have to try it.

Not only is it intuitive, but it is also a very safe activity. Everyone can enjoy it. There is no need to know how to ski to enjoy the turns - the famous carving made possible by the presence of a real ski instead of a sled runner - the descent, the laughter and the emotions that take us back to childhood.

Group sledding in Cran Montana

You can share a SNOOC outing with your family, even with several generations, with friends and even accompanying friends during their ski session! On the condition that you stay on the slopes authorized for the SNOOC.

Some information about the resort of Crans Montana

Crans Montana is a famous ski resort located in the canton of Valais, Switzerland.

Cran montana landscape


It is composed of four villages, spread out on a vast plateau, facing south and offering an extraordinary view of the Valaisan Alps and the Rhone Valley which flows below between Brig and Martigny.

We find Crans, Montana, Barzettes and Aminona.

Beautiful villages where wooden chalets and large hotels blend into the wooded landscape.

They are all at an altitude of around 1500m, and the ski area with 150km of runs rises to over 2900m. Great skiing is on offer in this historic Swiss resort whose first lift was built almost 100 years ago.

Tobogganing in Cran Montana@PatrickGuller

SNOOC in Crans Montana

Since the 2021-22 season, the Snooc is available in Crans, at the departure of the Arnouva cable car.

It is possible to practice Snooc every day of the week from the opening of the domain until its closing.

SNOOC is an easy to master, intuitive and joyful activity.
Enjoy the beautiful sunny slopes of Crans Montana, you will quickly be autonomous, even on red runs.

Snooc sled on the Cran Montana snow front

Starting with a tour on the mats at the top of Arnouva will allow you to quickly get the hang of the activity and discover the sensations of sliding at ground level. A few minutes will be enough to make you autonomous to cover the whole area.

Where to start SNOOC in Crans Montana

In Crans Montana from the Arnouva, to start smoothly and enjoy a first long and easy descent on the blue run, take the Arnouva gondola. There you can make your first turns on the carpets. Until you feel comfortable making a few turns and stopping.

Seated ski practice area SNOOC

You can then take the blue trail "chemin de Montana" (4F) which goes down to Crans or you can take the gondola to L'Arnouva.
As soon as you feel comfortable on this blue trail, the red ones will be at your reach.

And you can leave on Cry d'ER with the chairlift Arnouva-Cry d'ER enjoy the view and link the descent on the red slope "Cry d'ER" (4), which follows the blue slopes "Chemin des dames" (4B) and finish on "Verdet" (4C) and you're back on the Arnouva area !

Now that you are comfortable, it's up to you to take advantage of the magnificent playground that has been offered to you since Cry d'ER, there are still many beautiful trails to discover !

Take advantage of the fact that it is easy to share this pleasure with friends, family and generations.

For more information on SNOOC in Crans Montana, visit the Crans Montana SNOOC page on the website. Or call the ski lifts at +41 848 22 10 12

Sledding in Crans Montana

In Crans Montana you will not find a sledging track as such.
But you can take advantage of the sliding area present on the golf course, it is the Bibi Snow area. Where you can try snow tubing.

lSnowtubbing in Cran@LucianoMiglionico

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