Laury Thilleman
Needless to say, I enjoyed the ride down better than the climb up. It's extremely fun, I had never experienced hiking in the backcountry. The best is when you get to the top, remove the skins, secure the seat on the skis and shred down the slope... the most exhilarating feeling. And accessible to all levels of experience... SNOOC is a must-try!
Ex Miss France - TV Anchor - Designer
The SNOOC is more than just a piece of equipment, it is a new tool to discover the mountain in winter and go hiking in complete safety.
Program manager Economics and Environment at Annecy Mountains
Philippe JANIN
The SNOOC accessible to all ages and the experience is incredible: we authorized it on the ski area of Les Arcs as soon as the field tests were carried out.
Ski Area Manager at Les Arcs/Peisey Vallandry
What's new is that with the SNOOC, even non-skiers enjoy the fun of riding down a slope in powder snow ! Probably an opportunity to attract new consumers to the mountains ...
Ex R&D Director at Salomon - Consultant in disruptive innovation - Mountain guide


How to protect your knee while skiing

How to protect your knee while skiing

The equipment has made enormous progress. The bindings in particular are now particularly effective in protecting your knees ... provided you adjust them! Fragile knees? when skiing, protect them! Adjustment of the skis...
Time for the Planet: raise 1 billion euros by 2030

Time for the Planet: raise 1 billion euros by 2030

Members of the SNOOC team decided to join Time For The Planet in order to build a long-term project to fight against global warming. What is Time For The Planet?   Time For The...
SNOOC retenu parmi les 4 projets Cluster Montagne

SNOOC retenu parmi les 4 projets Cluster Montagne

Le Cluster Montagne a retenu 4 projets pour accompagner les stations de ski dans leur développement futur... Parmi elle on peut noter : - Bike Solutions : doit permettre aux stations de fidéliser les...

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