Have you heard about SNOOC? Would you like to test it?  With friends, family, during your stay in the mountains you can rent a SNOOC. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will have a lot of fun, whatever your rhythm.

Louer votre Snooc

  • On the sled or ski run: Enjoy the SNOOC Downhill Sled with your friends and family on the ski slopes. Find the energy, share the laughter and emotions that will make you relive these sensations of pure pleasure.
  • Hiking with SNOOC Touring: SNOOC Touring is a winter equipment for skiers and non-skiers who want to discover the mountain. With the SNOOC Touring, you can make winter hikes and reach the top, you transform the kis into SNOOC : Skiing in a sledge in a few minutes.  Enjoy the beauty of the nature, the beauty of the landscapes and go down while enjoying the powder snow . Have fun.

Where to rent a SNOOC?

Below you will find all our partners spread over all our massifs, with all the necessary information.

Arvieux en Queyras ( 05 - Haute Alpes)

Altitude sport Skimium available on SNOOC Touring

Avoriaz (74 - Haute Savoie)

Ski Set Mirfamose available on SNOOC Downhill

Bessans (73 - Savoie)

Gilles Sport available on SNOOC Touring

Cervières ( 05 - Haute Alpes)

Foyer de ski de fond available on SNOOC Touring

Chamonix (74 - Haute Savoie)

Domaine les Planards available on SNOOC Touring and SNOOC Downhill

Chamrousse (38 - Isère) 

Luge Park available on : SNOOC Downhill

Col du Corbier ( 74 - Haute Savoie)

Le Biot Sport Neige Skimium available onSNOOC Touring

Gerardmer (88 - Vosges)

Station Gerardmer available onSNOOC Downhill

La Plagne (73 - Savoie)

Piste de luge Colorado available onSNOOC Downhill

Le Revard (73 - Savoie)

" title="SNOOC Le Revard">Jaipour available onSNOOC Touring

Amarock available onSNOOC Touring


Station de ski available onSNOOC Downhill

Saint François Longchamp ( 73 - Savoie)

title="SNOOC Saint François Longchamp">L'Eterlou  available onSNOOC Touring

Saint-Veran / Molines en Queyras ( 05 - Hautes Alpes)

Philippe Sport available onSNOOC Downhill

Serre Chevalier ( 05 - Hautes Alpes)

SCV remontées mécaniques available onSNOOC Downhill

Ski expérience available onSNOOC Downhill

Villard de Lans (38 - Isère)

Intersport Marechal Sport available onSNOOC Downhill

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