• Equipment for sledding

    Equipment for sledding
    The specifics of sledding equipment are often overlooked. Let's dive into the particularities of this equipment, which is both simple and precise. From shoes to helmets, pants, gaiters, goggles and gloves, all of our recommendations.
  • Handi-ski touring !?

    Handi-ski touring !?
    Enjoy the mountains again on skis... differently ! Yes, Armand THOINET (Armand's challenges) has multiple sclerosis... But nothing stops him and certainly not the disease!p> A good lesson in willpower and pugnacity... don't give up ! Bravo Armand. After a first ascent in ski touring, here is his feedback on this adapted and inclusive way of skiing. In a few words, can you introduce...
  • Ski luge for adults... back to the future !

    Ski luge for adults... back to the future !
    The ski luge on two skates You are probably convinced that skiing is the king of winter leisure? What if I told you that ski sledding has nothing to envy to stand-up skiing ! Let's take our time machine and explore the key moments of this sled on skis so exceptional, that it has not finished surprising us !   A unique sled-ski After...
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