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I can't ski, Can I make Snooc? Is it easy? 

YES, enjoy it! !! It only takes a few minutes to master SNOOC. About 100 m on a blue track will be enough to learn how to fly your Snooc. In case of a fall, you will only fall 20 cm ! Take a look at the tutorials

At what age can SNOOC be used? 

Hiking, SNOOC is suitable for use from 9 years to 90 years! We recommend parents to accompany their underage children for the first descent.

I weigh over 100 kg, can I do SNOOC? 

SNOOC is designed to accept a wide range of templates, no weight limit if you keep in mind that it's a walking gear, not an aerial trick; -).

I'm a skier / snowboarder, what's different about SNOOC? 

The Snooc is a glide in its own right. It's like comparing snowboarding and skiing. Each has its advantages. In Snooc, you are 20 cm from the ground, the sensations of speed are increased tenfold. It's a bit like go-karting compared to the car.

I'm already ski touring, what good will SNOOC do for me?

The Snooc is not intended to replace ski touring. On the other hand, it allows you to share magical moments with friends or family who do not have the same level of skiing as you do. The whole while remaining very playful on the descent... in the middle of unforgettable landscapes!

I'm already snowshoeing, what's SNOOC gonna get me? 

If you enjoy the feeling of sliding, no doubt SNOOC will make you happy on the way down. As for the ascent: the skis offer a greater surface area than snowshoes. You will therefore sink less into soft or powdery snow. To move forward, you no longer have to lift your foot but slide it down, which saves a lot of energy. Finally, to make your ascent easier, you can use both ski touring and snowshoe trails.

What risks do I take when going to the mountains in SNOOC?

The mountain is a natural space. Although the Snooc allows you to walk on paths and forest roads with a low slope and very safe, be sure to ask the professionals, who will be able to advise you on the possible itineraries according to the weather and snow conditions. But also on the areas of protection of endemic species.



Can I do SNOOC on the ski slopes?

Yes, More than 100 ski resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria and even China allow Snooc on their slopes with skiers. You can consult our (non exhaustive) map of the resorts that allow it. If your resort is not in this list, contact the tourist office of the resort for more details.

Which ski lifts can I use with my SNOOC Downhill?

You can access the gondola and chair lifts accessible to pedestrians. The list of lifts in each station is shown on our station map.

Are there any stations where SNOOC is not registered? 

SNOOC authorization is at the discretion of each station. Contact the Tourist Office of your destination.

Which ski lifts can I use with my SNOOC Touring?

Foot skiing, you can access the majority of chairlifts and ski lifts since you are considered a skier! Before taking a ski lift in ski mode, get used to standing with your skis on your feet ; -)

I don't know anything about hors-piste, where can I make some? 

Some resorts offer marked and secure itineraries. Mobile applications such as "Outdooractive" offer you routes for all levels with GPS guidance. NWe also recommend that you get close to a guide who will guide you safely by training you to become autonomous.
For a Snooc expert supervisor, click here.

Can I go on any terrain uphill? 

Snooc is designed for routes accessible to all. As in ski touring, the skins are extremely powerful, but they do not allow you to climb trees! If you approach an area with a slope that requires edging, remove the skins until you find a terrain without slopes where the skin maximizes contact with the snow.

Can I go on any terrain on the way down? 

The SNOOC is very versatile on descents, on gentle slopes and up to 35% slopes. The quality of the snow will condition your experience. Snow with a hard and brittle crust under the user's weight should be avoided.



Does it go fast?

The position of the Snooc allows you to control your speed from the first few meters, either with your feet on the ground or while skidding. That said, the Snooc has a good glide, and an experienced user can reach the same speeds as a skier.

Is it stable? 

The Snooc is particularly stable. To start, you have your feet on the snow on each side of the ski, giving you three points of support! This is more stable than standing with two points of support. The feet on the ground to start also allow you to regulate your speed, to brake if necessary, or even to stop immediately.

How to turn, how to stop?

To turn, just turn the shoulders which will take the pelvis and turn the SNOOC.

As in skiing, the stop is a sharp turn that leads to skidding. It is much easier to carve curves and stop than in skiing.

Is it dangerous?

The position of the SNOOC allows you to control your speed from the first few meters, either with your feet on the ground or skidding. Having said that, SNOOC has good glide, and an experienced user can reach the same speeds as a skier.

Can the SNOOC go alone if I fall?

No, The Snooc is connected to your waist by an elastic leash that prevents it from going down the slope alone. The leash is long enough to prevent the Snooc from falling on you when you fall.

Can I jump?

The Snooc was designed to absorb significant effort, accidents in the field, unexpected cutbacks. However, the Snooc is not equipment for jumping, it is a hiking equipment.

How long does it take to transform Snooc TOURING? 

After a few tries, the Snooc is transformed in less than 3 min. Practise at home once or twice in the warmth of your own home before you start and it will be a formality!

Does Snooc pass through 30 cm of powder? 
If there is a lot of powder, will I sink under the snow?

Up to 30 cm of powder, the Snooc works perfectly. Beyond that, the Snooc tends to brake in snow. On the other hand, it is perfectly possible to make an uphill track in 50 or 60 cm of powder and take advantage of this same track to come down... as if you were on a bobsleigh!

Does the Snooc go as well in powder snow as on the piste? 

Like skiing, the Snooc is a little less stable in powder snow and requires additional reference points. Even if the Snooc has been specially designed for powder snow, we advise you to make a descent on a groomed run before going into soft snow.

Can I ski standing with the SNOOC TOURING skis on? 

Skiing is virtually impossible in view of the Flexibility of the shoes and the fixation which do not allow sufficient edge grip to turn and stop

I don't want to use it for hiking but just on the tracks, can I buy it without the skins? 

Yes, the Downhill model is equipped with only one ski. It allows you to equip yourself at a lower cost for piste lovers only but does not allow you to go hiking.

How do you get on skis in the snow without sliding backwards?

When climbing up the slope, a skin covered with synthetic hair is glued under the sole of the ski. These hairs, oriented towards the back of the ski, prevent the ski from moving backwards in the snow.
With "seal" skins, your skis can grip the snow without slipping on a relatively steep slope.

Is it complicated to go skiing? 

Skiing on moderate slopes requires no more technique than walking. If the slope rises, more than 25°, it can be useful to discover the technique of conversions.

Can mini poles help the descent?

In Snooc, you sit less than 20 cm off the ground and can easily rebalance yourself with your hands (and legs). The use of short sticks on the way down is not recommended.

It's not new: Paret has been around for more than 100 years!!

Yes it is! The oldest patent we found dates back to 1884 and seated skiing has been practiced in many countries around the world for over 200 years ! What is new in the Snooc is that it is totally designed for touring. We use the same equipment to go up and down so the weight and bulk in the backpack is very low.



What kind of shoes should I use? 

Soft, high and relatively warm shoes are perfect. Your hiking boots, snow boots, will do very well. Light, comfortable and made to fit, you will enjoy your outing.

  • Snowboard or mountaineering boots are a bit too stiff and heavy.
  • Ski boots are totally inadvisable.
  • the Moonboots (yes, it still exists) do not have a rear edge.

What size shoe size does the binding accept? 

The binding accepts hiking boots:

  • 36 to 50 (Europe size)
  • 4.5 to 13 and up (US size)
  • 3 to 13 (UK size)

How should I dress for Snooc? 

The minimum equipment is a waterproof suit and sturdy, waterproof gloves. Wereereerets and a helmet are highly recommended. Finally, for your comfort, protect yourself from snow projections with a mask and a necklace to protect your chin and nose.

Do soft shoes hold the foot well enough? 

Yes, it is recommended to take high-top shoes.



Is it solid? 

We have taken care to test the SNOOC with very important constraints. In normal use, the Snooc will be with you for a long time!

Fastening doesn't inspire me, is it solid? 

The Snooc mount was developed in partnership with polar explorer Eric Phillips. He himself travelled thousands of kilometres in temperatures of -40°C with this fixation...what more can I say? Probably one of the strongest and most comfortable fixations in the world!

Do you need tools to transform the Snooc? 

To transform Snooc, the only tools you need are your hands. The ascent and descent attachments are secured by two bicycle quick releases.

Is it heavy? 

A the rise, the Snooc weighs less than 2 kg in your backpack. On the way down, he's the one who carries you.

Does it hurt your back? 

Suspension helps to absorb the shocks of the terrain. The Snooc is much more comfortable than a classic sled!

What is the suspension for? 

Suspension is there to protect your back. If in powder snow there is no shock, you are not safe from a bump on a bumpy snow.
We have therefore designed the most efficient suspension on the market for this type of equipment with Fabien Tourneux, an expert in springs connected to the human body. We have tested it on jumps of 1 m high and 6 m long... In short, the best!

Are there any "ski stops" on the skis? 

A the rise, your ski is strapped to your foot and the binding cannot "take off". As in snowshoeing, you don't need "stop skis". On the descent, the SNOOC is connected to the user by a belt. The "Leash" acts as a ski stop.

Is there an ARVA or Recco pellet included in the seat? 

Safety equipment never gets on the material but on the person.

Can I mount my old skis on the Snooc? or use it with normal skis? 

You are free to adapt the Snooc to whatever you want, ski, snowboard, skateboard, washing machine... Don't forget to post your pictures #SNOOC. SNOOC skis are designed to offer the best balance between flotation and handling.

Are there any edges on the skate? 

Yes, it is thanks to the edges that SNOOC allows you to move safely while controlling your speed.

Is there a suspension? 

SNOOC is equipped with a state-of-the-art suspension system.


The SNOOC DOWNHILL is a descent equipment.

It includes :

  • a specific ski,
  • a seat
  • a suspension

What's in a SNOOC TOURING?

The Snooc is an ascent AND descent equipment, it is to our knowledge the most economical way to get up and down by sliding off the runway.

  • a pair of specific skis,
  • a pair of sealskins,
  • a pair of bindings,
  • a sitting
  • a sitting
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