SNOOC ski sledding at La Plagne in Savoie (France)

Or go sledding in La Plagne ? Where to start in SNOOC ? How to go around the Plagne area on sit-ski. You will find all the answers below !

Tobogganing in La Plagne

There are tobogganing areas on almost every site in La Plagne.
There are tobogganing areas for the little ones on almost every snow front. Protected from the skiers, your children can enjoy sliding without danger.

But there are still trails dedicated to older sledding enthusiasts in La Plagne.

The Colorado trail in Plagne Centre, for example, is 1500m long with a sublime view of Mont Blanc.

You will be able to find the Snooc on the Colorado track !

But also on activities like the Glisse Déglingos in Montalbert.

The 5km downhill race at the Oxygen Superderby in Aime 2000 will surely stimulate your competitive sensations !

Finally, we can't forget that it is in La Plagne that we can test a real bobsled track, the same one used by the Olympic champions during the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games. It is located in Plagne 1800, and allows you to test the Bob Racing, the Speed luge and the Bob raft. All information on the website of La Plagne.

Which lifts in La Plagne to take in SNOOC ?

For a few years now, Snooc has been authorized on the lifts and slopes of La Plagne. You can practice Snooc from the opening to the closing of the resort in all the villages of the resort.

In La Plagne, it's very simple, all the chairlifts and gondolas are authorized... Except the Bellecôte gondola, the glacier sector which culminates at 3250m.

You have the largest area in the world to ride a SNOOC sled !

You can enjoy the hundreds of kilometers of slopes accessible from these lifts.

So let yourself be tempted and discover the sumptuous landscapes of the summits of La Plagne.

Where to get your SNOOC in La Plagne ?

It's very simple, just go to Plagne center. At the start of the Colorado Luge run, you can buy 1 or 5 ascents which include the chairlift and the SNOOC for the descent.

At the top of the chairlift, get your SNOOC to enjoy the magnificent Colorado Luge run.

The staff will give you the basics to make the most of your descent.

If you wish to discover the rest of the domain, you can order your SNOOC in the store, delivery in 48h

Start SNOOC in La Plagne

The best place to test and start is on the sledging run, you will even have the chance to get some tips at the start of the sledging run.

Take advantage of the start to practice for a few meters and then walk back up. When you have understood the turn and the stop, go on the track !

SNOOC at La Plagne

From the very first day, you will be able to access the vast majority of the 250km of slopes on 69 blue slopes and 33 red slopes thanks to the 77 ski lifts of the resort. You will not be bored.

But what is a SNOOC ?

Imagine a ski on which you are in a sitting position and you go down the ski slopes !

It's sit-skiing... It's SNOOC.

The successor of the Paret, a traditional single-pitch sled used in the Haute-Savoie region for villagers to travel along the snowy slopes, the SNOOC is now a complete leisure machine that combines the comfort and safety of the sled with the sensations of skiing.

Once seated on the comfortable seat, you control the direction of the machine by rotating your shoulders, with your feet flat on the snow to ensure the best balance. Trajectories are quickly mastered, in complete safety.

No need to know how to ski to do SNOOC in the middle of other skiers on the slopes of the domain. The handling is very intuitive and the pleasure is assured from the first minutes of descent.

You don't need any special equipment to go SNOOC either: a waterproof outfit, soft and comfortable shoes and a good dose of good humor.

SNOOC is an activity accessible to all : children, adults, seniors, whether they are skiers or not ! The pleasure of skiing is shared with the SNOOC.

Some information about the resort of La Plagne

The resort of La Plagne is one of the great French ski resorts. It is located in the department of Savoie, in France, in the Tarentaise valley.

Its ski area, called Paradiski, has 425 km of ski runs and is linked to the area of Les Arcs and Peisey Vallandry by a cable car with a vertiginous route, as well as to Champagny en Vanoise by south-facing slopes.

The resort of La Plagne is composed of ten sites on different sides of the mountain and at different altitudes.

The original resort, Plagne Centre, is located on a sunny plateau facing Mont Blanc at 1970m. 1970, like the year of its birth.

The other villages of the domain are : Plagne 1800, Plagne Village, Plagne Soleil and Aime 2000 on the same slope as Plagne Centre.
Plagne Bellecôte and Belle Plagne, occupy a neighboring valley, and are also located between 1800 and 2050m in altitude.

Then further down, at the level of the forest, we find Montchavin, Les Coches and Montalbert, at altitudes between 1250 and 1450 m.

In La Plagne you can do everything: downhill skiing at altitudes of over 3000m, cross-country skiing, luge, bobsleigh on the Olympic track, winter trail, fatbike, snowshoeing, walking or dog sledding... and the list cannot be exhaustive.

Its northern exposure to snow disturbances ensures that La Plagne has exceptional snow cover and a magnificent view of the Alps.

Ready to experience great emotions to share on a SNOOC ?

See you at La Plagne resort !

For more information, visit the'La Plagne Tourist Office website   or call +33 (0) 4 79 09 02 01.

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