SNOOC: instructions for use

The goal of this page is to present you in a simplified way the functioning of the SNOOC and to bring you all the necessary tips to enjoy each of your outings.

We present you 3 aspects: learning how to descend / take the lifts / use the Snooc Touring.

By clicking here you can download the instruction manual

Learning to descend

The Snooc is accessible to all skiers and non-skiers. From the first descent you can have fun. A few tips to get the most out of it from the first descent.

Start the Snooc

A few tips to start and have fun from the first descent... in complete safety.

Progressing in Snooc

This is it... you've already done your first run and you want to progress and become a Snooc pro. Our team will accompany you and advise you to have more fun depending on the terrain and conditions.


Take the lifts

Snooc is different from skiing. We bring you some advices to take the ski lifts in the best conditions... a few minutes of videos... you'll see it's very simple and safe.

Taking the ski lift

Taking the ski lift is not the same way as when you are a skier. With Ulift it is however relatively simple. Just sit down comfortably, attach the Ulift to the pole and off you go. 

Take the chairlift

Thanks to our tutto, take the chairlift safely... Once you reach the top, all you have to do is enjoy your descent.

Touring with the SNOOC

You want to discover nature with your SNOOC. We explain you how to put on your SNOOC and all the steps to go from the SNOOC Touring to the downhill as well as the opposite step.

How to put on the SNOOC

This tutto explains you how to put on your Snooc Touring in order to climb comfortably and safely.

How to adjust the binding of your ski touring?

To mount comfortably, it is important to adjust the mounting of your Snooc Touring. Our tutto details all the settings that are necessary

Turning your Snooc into downhill mode

You have just reached the top of your tour. You just have to transform your snooc to be comfortable for the descent... A few minutes of preparation and you're ready to go.

With just one piece of equipment, you can hike to the top of the slopes and back down in powder snow sitting on a ski. Here's how to transform your Snooc

Transform your Snooc into downhill mode

Transform your Snooc into ski touring

You have just finished your downhill run To get back to the top it is necessary to transform your Snooc in touring mode thanks to this tutto.

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