The SNOOC, a luge-ski in Val d'Isère (Savoie - France)

The SNOOC is coming to Val d'Isère! We give you all the information to enjoy it this winter.

Where can you pick up your SNOOC in Val d'Isère?

The Snooc vending machine is located on the border between the village and the snow front, on the Place des Dolomites, in front of the Prosneige store and 100m from the departure of the Solaize express gondola.
Snooc Rack Val d'Isère
Renting your SNOOC is easy !

1. Download the SNOOC GO application for Android or iPhone, SNOOC GO pour android ou pour Iphone,

2. Validate your account, enter your payment information (as for a bike or a scooter in town),

3. Scan... let's go !

Which lifts should I take with my SNOOC in Val d'Isère ?

  • all cable cars, cable cars and funiculars.
  • the Cascade and Cema chairlifts in the Fornet sector
  • the Bellevarde chairlift which serves a red and a black run in Val d'Isère
  • the Pimpam, Poum and Carpe Diem mats at the top of the Solaise gondola to start with.

From the top of these lifts you can take all the downhill runs.

Do you have your ski pass? Soft shoes? (ski boots are not allowed in Snooc) Go directly to the ski lifts that allow you to access the ski slopes... the best day of your stay is waiting for you !

Snooc sled group in Val d'Isère

Where to start SNOOC in Val d'Isère ?

In Val d'Isère center, to start smoothly and enjoy a first long easy descent on blue slope, take the Solaise gondola which will bring you to 2560m at the summit of the same name. There you can make your first turns on the Poum and Pimpam mats. Until you feel comfortable to do some turns and stop.

You can then take the blue "L" trail down to the Laisinan or you can take the shuttle back to Val center.

We advise you not to take the "Plan" slope, which requires a great deal of control, especially when the snow is hard and sometimes icy.

Starting from Le Fornet, the blue runs are particularly accessible for beginners. You can take the Fornet cable car then the valley cable car and finally the Cascade chairlift. You will be able to go back down on the blue slopes Pisaillas, Pyramide then Pont Agards and finally Mangard.

Finally, you will find a magnificent playground from the Daille gondola with a wide variety of runs. The green one for people who have never been on a slope will give a first reassuring experience. Blue and red runs are also available.

A fun way to enjoy a beautiful blue trail, normally used by skiers, on which novices and SNOOC enthusiasts can test their mastery during beautiful turns in the snow.

To progress, you can then take the blue "piste L" that goes down to the Laisinan or you can take the shuttle to Val center.

As soon as you feel comfortable on this blue trail, the reds will be within your reach.

Take advantage of the fact that it is easy to share this pleasure with friends, family and generations.

Doing SNOOC in Val d'Isère

Since the 2022-23 season, the Snooc is available for free access in the center of the resort at the entrance of the snow front.

It is possible to practice Snooc every day of the week from the opening of the domain until its closing.

SNOOC is an easy to master, intuitive and joyful sliding activity.

And although Val d'isere is a generally steep territory you will quickly be autonomous, even on red runs.

If you have never been on the slopes before, we recommend that you hire a SNOOC instructor to give you some tips and to accompany you for the first hour. The closest school to the distributor is Prosneige.

If you like skiing and sliding in general, a tour on the carpets at the top of Solaise will allow you to quickly take control of the activity and to discover the sensations of sliding at ground level. A few minutes will be enough to make you autonomous to cover the whole area.

But what is SNOOC?

It's a seated ski inspired by a wooden sled used by villagers in the past to move around on snowy slopes; the SNOOC is its modern version! It allows you to ski comfortably on a seat, one foot placed horizontally on the snow on each side of the ski to stabilize the trajectory.

Single sled

To control the direction, all you have to do is rotate your shoulders, and then, miraculously, you carve - that is to say, you make magnificent curves - like a skier !

Person who carves in a sledThe real ski - which replaces the skates normally found on sleds - allows you to hold curved trajectories without skidding, just like the skiers around you do.</p>
<p>A one-hour class to start with allows you to become autonomous, no specific equipment is required, except for soft shoes and a good dose of good humor.</p>
<p>SNOOC is a fun, easy and exciting activity that allows everyone - skiers and non-skiers - to rediscover their childhood spirit for a few runs !</p>
<p>For more information on the activity, visit our <a href= Website

Discover the resort of Val d'Isère

Val d'Isère is a ski resort located in Savoie, in the Northern Alps in France.

It is a large ski resort, whose ski area is linked to that of Tignes and covers 300km of runs. It was built around an old high mountain village in Haute-Tarentaise, on the road to the Iseran pass.
Village of Val d'Isère

Although the town has been renovated and the resort has grown, Val d'Isère still has a village spirit that gives it a special atmosphere.

The beautiful larch forests that surround it and the high snow-capped mountains at more than 3000m make it a wonderful setting for anyone who loves skiing but also loves the beautiful alpine scenery.
Elf village in Val d'Isère

The altitude of the village, at 1850m, and the protected location between the high mountains of the Italian border and the Vanoise massif offer Val d'Isère an early and long-lasting snow cover (this is where the international ski competitions start at the beginning of December) and a very good sunshine.

People skiing in the sun
Val d'Isère stretches over several sites at the bottom of the valley: the old town, the site of La Daille, the old village of Fornet and the Manchet valley. All these sites give access to the high altitude ski area by modern and fast lifts.

What is remarkable in Val d'Isère is that beginners and pedestrians can set up shop at 2500m on the Solaise plateau to enjoy the sun, the snow and the scenery that is often reserved for good skiers in other resorts.

three people on a sled admire the mountain landscape

In Val d'Isère, you can practice all winter activities, whatever your level and your ambitions !

Tobogganing in Val d'Isère

There is an area reserved for tobogganing and other sliding machines such as the snake-gliss on the snow front near the center of the resort on the side of the lifts to Solaise.
It is in free access near the Savonette ski lift.
Group sledging in front of Val d'Isere

For more information on SNOOC in Val d'Isère, visit the page SNOOC Val d'Isère on the website of the tourist office ( Or call the tourist office at +33 (0) 4 79 06 06 60

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