Handi-ski touring !?


Enjoy the mountains again on skis... differently !

Yes, Armand THOINET (Armand's challenges) has multiple sclerosis... But nothing stops him and certainly not the disease!p>

A good lesson in willpower and pugnacity... don't give up !

Bravo Armand.

After a first ascent in ski touring, here is his feedback on this adapted and inclusive way of skiing.

In a few words, can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Armand, I will be 30 years old in April 2023, I was born and raised in the Lyon region. I love sports and nature, but I had to become handicapped to dare to realize my childhood dream: to become an adventurer..

Why do SNOOC Touring rather than ski touring ?

My current life requires me to find ways to get my kicks. I can't evolve and live in the same way as before, but the solutions I put in place allow me to enjoy so much more !

One of my last frustrations that I still hadn't managed to overcome was skiing !

Very good skier before, all the solutions tested until then frustrated me: I did not find the sensations which made me vibrate in the ski.

My balance problems don't allow me to go downhill standing up, I'm not a fan of the different ski chairs I've already tested, the sled doesn't meet the criteria I expect, I've never tested ski touring because I can't go back down anyway.

All of this prevents me from getting back into the swing of things, from being in control of my direction, from enjoying the mountains in winter.

SNOOC has provided me with more than just solutions: new sensations ! I can go up in SNOOC Touring, come down in SNOOC, be an actor of my evolution and enjoy it differently.

Tell us in a few lines about this adventure, what did you achieve? What message do you want to convey through this micro-adventure ?

No need to go to the end of the world to live incredible adventures !

Adept at microadventures close to home, the idea was to experience new sensations, not just a challenge but an adventure.

We don't have x days of preparations, simply some trainings beforehand to make sure that it is feasible. We put together a team of friends (Julien and Florestan), a place, an objective, a place to sleep and here we go !!

 Ascent Armand Thoinet to chamrousse

Departure at the end of the day, at the closing of the slopes of the resort of Chamrousse (38), the goal is to spend the night at the unguarded hut of the Robert Lakes and to return the next morning to the resort for the opening of the slopes.

 Chamrousse hut in winter
Everything did not go as planned, we finally had a lot of difficulties and obstacles that we were able to overcome together, without panicking.

I can now tell you that a black runway, at night, in SNOOC can be passed. It is certainly not for everyone and you shouldn't do anything. An adventure without obstacles would not be an adventure.

Compared to your previous sporting adventures, can you tell us about the difficulties encountered with SNOOC during this adventure ?

Walking, in summer, on a rough terrain, I learned to do it my way.

With the SNOOC, the main difficulty for me was that I didn't really feel the ground. I had to trust my sensations, as much on the way up as on the way down !!

In touring, when the slope becomes too steep, it's impossible to make conversions and cross the slope diagonally.

The boots, although firmly attached, do not form a single block with the ski because the binding is flexible. It does not allow to take edges.

In addition, the few millimeters of skin in contact with the snow do not grip as well as when the entire surface of the skin is in contact with the slope.

We were at the limits of SNOOC's characteristics and use but that's normal, it's not made for such extreme conditions... And it resisted, it took us to the end, it's incredible !

What did you like about the SNOOC ?

Enjoying the mountains in winter remains my greatest memory !

Everything I put in place in my life is aimed at giving me back my autonomy: with the adapted SNOOC, I found a perfect solution !

Compared to the classic trekking that you are used to practice, especially in adventure / long distance format, what does SNOOC bring to you? What do you find between the 2 disciplines ?

SNOOC touring and uphill walking are relatively similar efforts.

Technically, it is important to properly integrate the movement of ski touring.

I'm a long-distance runner and I enjoy both disciplines. SNOOC offers me a different playground !

 Armand Thoinet at the shelter

An adventure organized by Armand with the solidarity sports agency Koa

Image and drone capture: Florestan Alex-Plessier / video production : ECHO agency

Find out more information about adaptive SNOOC and inclusion..

 Armand Thoinet and his ski climbing team

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