In BESSANS in Haute Maurienne "Gilles Sport's success with SNOOC"


In Bessans in the heart of Haute Maurienne in Savoie, the development of SNOOC is booming. The Gilles Sport Store, equipped with 9 SNOOC Touring and Downhill vehicles, carries out more than 280 SNOOC outings during the winter season.

Several packages are available to satisfy customers and allow them to have a fun and friendly time.

SNOOC Bessans

To better understand the acceleration of SNOOC activity in Bessans, we contacted Ludovic, manager of the Gilles Sport store.

Snooc: Hello Ludovic, when did you launch SNOOC in Bessans?

Ludovic: "in 2017, I was seduced by the new sliding aspect which combines physical effort and fun and playful descent accessible to all".

S: how do you explain the success of Snooc in your station?

L: It's not magic !!
Although the activity is "top" and the feedback from new practitioners always excellent, customers are curious but do not dare to take the plunge.
Since this year, I have implemented simple and effective actions to reassure them.
First, I introduced the Snooc to the staff of the Bessans resort so that they could provide information to holidaymakers (operating staff, from the tourist office, accommodation providers, etc.).
Then, on Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., when holidaymakers arrive in the resort and they are not yet on skis, I set up, in conjunction with the tourist office, an activity for people to discover this sliding mode and its ease of use.

S: What surprised you the most?

L: The effectiveness of word of mouth! Once reassured, the testers become real ambassadors and bring back their whole tribe. I was also extremely surprised to find that half of my Snooc customers don't ski!

S: who are the customers of Snooc?

L: "The good thing about SNOOC is that there is no target clientele. It is aimed at young teenagers as well as veterans!

The advantage is that beginners take it in hand very easily and in a few minutes. It is obvious that non-skiers are looking for this type of fun activity that can be practiced in a short time.


S: What offer do you have?

L: To satisfy a larger number of people, we offer two modes of use:
- a mode where the ascent is carried out by ski lift
- a hiking mode on the way up where you are less dependent on schedules.
In both cases, the descent sitting flush with the ground offers excellent sensations.

What feedback do your customers give you after going on SNOOC?

L: "In general, it's the ease of handling SNOOC and the user-friendliness that prevails.
They also appreciate the store's adaptation to their expectations. Holidaymakers no longer consume the same. The fact of offering 2-hour packages allows them to be reassured with a lower commitment. This package allows people to be able to practice in complete freedom without time constraints. For us, it is the possibility of taking our Snoocs out 4 times a day. In short, it's a win-win situation for everyone. Once the activity is discovered, the most addicted will spend on a 4-hour, or day package.

S: What are the projects you would like to put in place?

L: “I would like to work with a trained professional to take people on a hike to SNOOC.
In Bessans, we have two ski lifts, I would like my clients to be able to use it on nearby and larger areas.

A new slide to discover and share. A gift idea at the end of the year.

Thank you very much Ludovic, we wish you a very good winter season.

Gilles Sport
Town Hall Square
73 480 BESSANS
Phone / Fax: 04 79 05 95 01
Port: 06 09 92 12 93

Gilles Sport SNOOC Bessans Haute Maurienne Savoie

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