Morillon: the SNOOC zone, the successful activity


Are you looking for a new activity to do in the mountains this winter? Alpine skiing not possible due to the closure of the ski lifts? Rejoice, you will be able to discover the Snooc!

Since the Christmas holidays, the Grand Massif has launched the SNOOC activity and highlights its new concept: the SNOOCZONE! If you are on holiday in the Giffre Valley, whether on Samoëns, Morillon, Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval or other, think about it! Come and test this new activity!

But first, what is SNOOC?

Another funny machine, you will tell yourself ... Better known under the name of paret, this sled ski allows you to be seated comfortably and to slide on a single ski!

And yes ... despite the closure of the resorts, the Grand Massif wanted to offer this new activity by opening a developed track on Morillon les Esserts (1100m).

The general idea of this landscaped track is really to create a free discovery! You try out this new kind of tobogganing with the help of the instructors and then off you go to rent your SNOOC and hit the slopes! But this year… no ski lifts… Damn! Does that mean no SNOOC ??

Rest assured ! The Grand Massif has adapted to offer you the best possible experience! The animators offer you a free initiation of a few minutes at the bottom of the slopes! This will allow you to familiarize yourself with this very easy to pilot sled.

Then with a simple mobile application, in a few clicks you access your equipment and can take the slalom alone, as a couple, with friends, or even with family!


Well ... the slalom is good! But…

What I want is to climb to the top of the slopes… I know I will see you coming… Well, no worries! Do you master the machine? Do you feel comfortable? Great ! Once your initiation is done and your SNOOC rented, you can go exploring the slopes, of course respecting all the safety instructions!

Whether you are in a small group or with your family, it is the fun and playful activity that you must discover this winter! A good alternative to vary your activities for the week after your snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or ski touring outings.


The little extra?

If you enjoyed the activity and want to go further, we have what you need: the SNOOC Touring! Because the descent is good, but going back on foot is better ...

In partnership with the ESF Morillon, the Grand Massif offers you the opportunity to go up with your SNOOCs on your feet in hiking mode (with sealskins of course!) And to descend while sliding while sitting on your SNOOCs! And that’s the great mix between snowshoeing and ski touring.


An ideal activity to overcome the closure of ski lifts

On this exceptional year, it seemed interesting to us to also give you some feedback from holidaymakers who, like you, were looking for an activity outside skiing and with the family.

Whether they are skiers or not, some have given us their opinions.

As these holidaymakers were able to underline over these few weeks, “It's great to have a new activity on the estate! We were disappointed not to have a ski, we thought we were just sledding but it allows you to discover another activity! ”

"It's easy to learn, I had never skied before, I didn't think I was going to make it," Léa told us on vacation for Christmas week in Les Esserts.

The Godin family, present for a 7-day stay on this holiday, was also able to give us their opinion: “It's too good! Easy and light! We had a good week and we were able to come a little every day to train on the Snooc and the Paret! We found the SNOOC to be very manoeuvrable so we quickly have fun on the slalom against each other ”.

At the Coudurier family, even the mother who was the most reluctant with the activity confirms: "It's a great discovery! I'm scared of everything: skiing, sledding, and frankly you can go there with your eyes closed, it's just fine! »... Nothing better than a video testimony.


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