SNOOC, a great opportunity for mountain professionals


In the profession of guide, you have to know how to adapt to the conditions, to the clientele. Sometimes that is not enough; risky days 4, bad weather conditions, increased risk ...

We easily lose a week of services in a season!

And we notice that the practice of the mountain is changing, there are fewer requests for committed races, ...

When a guide makes 30 days of engagement, it's already a great performance!

It is more complicated today to make a living from being a guide, taking people to heights that can be conquered on a smartphone.

What solutions are left for the guide to make a living from his universe, and be able to share his passion for the mountains?


Here are some figures to feed the reflection

Only 15% of ski resort customers take lessons with an instructor. *

About 11% * use the services of a guide or AMM*

41% of resort customers do not ski. *

Conclusion: at least 90% of the resort's clientele escape the guides and 41% will probably not be clients in winter since they do not ski.


Expand its potential clientele

Let’s imagine that the guide offers an activity where it is not necessary to know how to ski… an easy activity, without risk, accessible to the greatest number, suitable for families, fun… and which requires supervision!

The potential clientele is growing massively since we are addressing the 41% of non-skiers as well as all those who are learning to ski but who do not yet have the level to go off piste!

The Guide triples or quadruple its potential clientele!


Let's talk business


Ski touring equipment is relatively complex to manage:

  • you have to rent shoes with different sizes,
  • You have to rent skis with different lengths and levels,
  • you have to adjust the equipment

In short, to be able to satisfy a group, you need at least 30% more equipment to be sure of having the size of the customers (on large fleets of equipment because with 13 pairs, not sure to fit 13 customers!)

The equipment is rented 35 to 45 € per day.


Now imagine that the ski touring is one size, that the customer can come with his after-skis.

No more size to manage, no more additional stock. 10 equipment = 10 customers, whatever their size. It’s much easier to manage, and pays for itself faster.

With a rental price of € 25, the investment of € 499 is amortized over 3 years and paid for in 20 outings.

It would therefore be necessary to make 7 trips per year to amortize the equipment which will have a much longer lifespan than these 20 trips.


  • Significantly expand potential customers
  • Stand out from other providers
  • Position yourself on a growing activity
  • Reach families and groups of various levels
  • Offer an alternative activity in the event of unsuitable weather conditions for other activities
  • Significantly increase the margin achieved on each exit

The SNOOC team listens to mountain professionals to discuss their projects and how to integrate this activity into their offer.

We also have at your disposal the contact details of professional monitors and guides operating the activity to obtain their feedback.

* DGE study

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