The SNOOC provides an alternative to facilitate access to snow sports for all. It complements existing equipment and facilitates access to snow sports for disabled people. It widens the possibilities for structures that welcome people with specific needs, both physically and mentally, as well as for those around them. Sit-skiing will allow people to discover new sensations of sliding and to approach handiskiing in a...
  • How to be green in your daily life

    How to be green in your daily life
    Because at SNOOC we are committed to protecting the planet, we care about our environment and our planet, so we take a certain responsibility in our work to respect our environment. In this blog, we offer a list of things to do in your daily life to have less impact in terms of CO2. Chose to use the bike every day as much as...
  • 5 original activities to do in winter sports

    5 original activities to do in winter sports
    Winter in the mountains, there is not only skiing or snowboarding, there are many outdoor activities that can be practiced with family and friends with more or less sensations. They are accessible for all tastes and all budgets. Snooc presents 5 activities that you can practice during your next stay in the mountains. Ice climbing   Ice climbing is an exemplary climbing and mountaineering activity...
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