5 original activities to do in winter sports


Winter in the mountains, there is not only skiing or snowboarding, there are many outdoor activities that can be practiced with family and friends with more or less sensations. They are accessible for all tastes and all budgets. Snooc presents 5 activities that you can practice during your next stay in the mountains.

Ice climbing

Escalade sur glace


Ice climbing is an exemplary climbing and mountaineering activity that developed during the 1970s. Today, the activity is accessible to all, provided that the terrain is adapted to its level. To begin, no need to remind you of the spot of Champagny en Vanoise with instructors who will give you the right advice and give you a maximum of pleasure.

Otherwise for the experts from the Dolomites to the Vanoise National Park there is something for everyone... The cold during the winter makes it possible to keep the ice spots more or less long.

It is an activity that consists in moving with ice axes and spiked crampons on ice cascades, for example ice corridors and ice falls or solidified waterfalls in winter.

Ice climbing requires that many safety aspects be taken into account: making sure that you have the right equipment, that the ice is hard enough to climb on and that you have crampons and ice axes.

Ice Diving

Plongée sous glace

You are most likely an accomplished jumper, but diving under the ice is discovering a quiet universe, a landscape that is surprising to say the least! To respect the depths, you must follow precise instructions. Your diving equipment will be adapted to the water temperature ... Your disposition will be especially mental in such a case that you will think about diving, you must recognize to start without any preparation. As Master Yoda said, "you should unlearn what you have realized", essentially you must unlearn what you have realized, to stay away from the misadventures of the young padawan that you will be ! To prevail in your central objective, you will be joined by a Jedi ace who realizes nature well and will help you find the intensity of the deep.

The lake of Tignes is an ideal spot to discover an activity that is surprising to say the least.


Bobsleigh a la plagne

The only Bobsleigh track in France is in La Plagne. It was created for the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games. Discover the strong and magical sensations of a bobsleigh run.

The ESF of Plagne Montalbert organizes a ski outing with a bob raft descent on the only Olympic bobsleigh run in France, located in La Plagne. The return trip is done on skis, supervised by instructors.

You can find more information about the bobsleigh activities on the La Plagne website.

What could be better during your stay in La Plagne than to discover the Snooc and the sensations of Bobsleigh.

Snooc ski sledge

la luge raquette ski snooc

The SNOOC, is a revolutionary sports equipment, which gives you the opportunity to live a new adventure in the mountains.

It is designed for those who like to discover the mountains in a fun and easy way.

The SNOOC ski (snowshoe sledge) is designed for both skiers and non-skiers and can be learned easily in only 10 minutes of practice.  

The Snooc is authorized in a large number of ski resorts in Europe. You can consult our Where to practice Snooc page.

Telemark skiing

glisse en telemark


Telemark skiing is a style of alpine skiing from the Nordic traditions. Its name comes from a region of Norway, 250 km southwest of Oslo. Telemark skiing follows the main lines of traditional downhill skiing, but with the heel free, like ski touring or, more recently, ski touring. A certain mastery of traditional skiing is necessary in order to take full advantage of the sensations offered by telemark skiing. For all experienced skiers, this is a new sliding experience to be discovered.

In the heart of the Alps, different ski schools allow you to take telemark lessons to practice the activity in complete safety.

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