Col de l'Izoard: 8 km of continuous descent


This is probably one of the most beautiful routes to start SNOOC with family (from 9 years old) and with friends. A descent of 8km on a groomed track !!

Thanks to equipment worthy of the best James Bond gadgets: ski-snowshoes that turn into a sled that is easy and fun to control.

What is the difference between the Snooc and a traditional sled? ... Everything!

Safety with the possibility of stopping immediately, the comfortable position, the suspension to absorb irregularities in the terrain, but above all: A real ski allows you to have feelings of extreme control and a pleasant glide.

Take a seat with friends or family and rediscover the pleasure of Mario Kart in real life!

Want a preview? Here are some Snooc hiking videos


The Col de l'Izoard is a fabulous playground with grandiose landscapes, which takes a very special place in our snoocer's hearts.



Where to find the SNOOC


The team at the cross-country ski center will provide you with all the explanations and useful advice to live this unforgettable experience.


You will find a free self-service SNOOC at the Laus pisteurs hut, which will allow you to discover the sensations of the descent.


carte col izoard

You can then rent your hiking SNOOC at the Cervières cross-country ski center (by reservation)

All the necessary equipment for the practice is included: skis, bindings, skins and seat, poles for the climb and the backpack.

Allow 25 € for the rental of the equipment, 18 € from 6 people.

location matériel col izoard

You can also enjoy the descent at night !!

The climb at nightfall will allow you to discover the colors of the setting sun which are reflected on the snow. to rediscover the silence of nature and to enjoy a descent rich in illuminated sensations from a simple frontal!

The route is obvious enough that it is impossible to get lost in any condition. Take advantage of this security to discover the reflection of the moon on the snowy spaces, the starry sky, and the tranquility of the night.

For your night outings, you should plan to remove the equipment before the cross-country ski center closes and bring it back the next morning.

You can reserve and collect your equipment at the Cervières cross-country ski center

on 04 92 20 49 49 (Christmas holidays until the end of March) or on

The equipment is in high demand, to be sure of its availability, remember to book!

You can also find information about the cervière cross-country ski center on:




A backpack of around 40l is provided to accommodate the seat (which you will use on the descent), a little water and your jacket during the ascent. Provide an individual headlamp for night descents.

We recommend warm and flexible walking shoes or après-ski. Good gloves, a neck strap and a mask. If you have gaiters, now is the time to take them out :-)

If you have any doubts about your boots, don't worry, there are bindings for cross-country ski boots available at the foyer designed especially for Cervières! (we provide you with cross-country ski boots that fit over them ;-)

How it works

AT THE MONTEE: the progression is done at your own pace ski and skin on the feet, like ski touring

ON THE DESCENT: After simple conversion of the equipment, the Snooc in descent mode can be taken in hand in a few meters. Your feet on the ground allow you to maintain great stability and manage your speed easily. To turn, nothing could be simpler, one hand on the handle, you turn your shoulders and the snooc begins a turn.

After a few meters and a bit of practice, you'll find yourself negotiating the downhill corners like an F1 driver.

If you are a little adventurous, there are also some easy shortcuts between the trees that you can take.

You will find tutorials in the Snooc Touring part of the “how to practice Snooc” page:

It is not necessary to reach the top, the fun of the descent with the family will be enough reason to walk always higher!

Join the route

Once equipped, drive to the hamlet “Laus” by car via the RD902 road. A parking lot at the start of the hike awaits you.

From there, a marked and obvious route will take you on the Grandes Alpes road to the Mythic Izoard pass.

A wide and completely secure route that takes you on a gradual slope to the Napoleon refuge, one of the last 4 mountain huts in the great Alps built under Napoleon III.

It takes about 2 hours to complete the 8 km route from the Laus which winds through a larch forest. Ideal for going up quietly while chatting.

You will take the pedestrian part on the right going up, left going down, the other part of the track is reserved for cross-country skiers.


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