How to protect your knee while skiing


The equipment has made enormous progress. The bindings in particular are now particularly effective in protecting your knees ... provided you adjust them!

Fragile knees? when skiing, protect them!

Adjustment of the skis to protect your knees:

We recommend that you adjust the release of the bindings on your skis. This type of adjustment is done according to different parameters such as weight, sex, but also corpulence. Only a ski professional will know how to make the adjustment that protects your knees from the accident. It is a safety guarantee that takes little time and that it would be a pity to neglect.

Protecting a fragile knee or a knee that has suffered a trauma.

The knee brace, kneepad and exoskeleton

The difference between these three solutions lies in the materials used, the level of maintenance and the resumption of muscular efforts.

A ligament knee brace provides moderate to high knee support for the more technical. It is made of stretch fabric with rigid lateral ribs integrated into this fabric. These knee pads are particularly suitable for prevention in the context of occasional and leisure skiing that does not require strong impacts. It is therefore recommended to effectively support a fragile knee of a skier who is not very committed and who wants a moderate ligament protection.

It will be necessary to count between 100€ and 140€ to equip your weakened knee in your ski practice.

A knee orthosis is essentially made of "rigid" materials. The ligament structures are better protected and the knee is maintained by condylar pads. Orthoses are for high levels of stress, they provide high to very high support depending on the model. Comfortable in their construction, there is no compressive tissue that stimulates proprioception.

These orthoses are to be used after knee sprains, tears and ligament ruptures. They are also particularly effective in protection for regular, high-intensity skiers who put on impact during their practice.

The orthosis protects the knee but does not provide muscular relief in the effort as the exoskeleton can do. It will cost between 140€ and 420€ to protect a knee weakened by a ligament rupture.

Limit efforts on fragile knees when skiing


The concept of the exoskeleton is to assist the leg in the effort thanks to springs or jacks that allow to lighten the weight of the body and the pressures generated by the practice of skiing on the knee. It is up to 30% less effort for the joints (which is huge for the knee!). The other advantage is to limit muscular fatigue in order to maintain alertness and an adapted positioning that limits the risk of injury. A solution that allows you to fully enjoy full days of skiing when the conditions are ideal.

Some systems can be put on and under the wetsuit (Ski Mojo) and are invisible, others can be put on top of the wetsuit (Againer). It will take between 599€ and 799€ to relieve your knees and have a muscular assistance.

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