You can still ski with osteoarthritis.

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Activité hivernale avec famille SNOOC luge ski raquette

Skiers with suffering related to osteoarthritis

Skiers whose cartilage is affected by problems of osteoarthritis, the origin of which can be multiple, age of course, but also to the practice of high intensity sports, hereditary bone capital, unsuitable postures.

Skiing with osteoarthritis: How to continue skiing with joint problems


Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to give up board sports when suffering from joint pain and especially for people who already have experience of skiing or cross-country skiing can continue to practice by taking certain precautions . Specialists recommend that it is necessary to practice several activities before the ski season, to slow down the degenerative process that affects the joint, but provided that certain precautions are taken, you can consult our blog (Getting Physically Prepared for the Ski Season) for more ideas.

Osteoarthritis: why continue skiing?

As a ski enthusiast, it is not easy to give up the joy of skiing even if you suffer from arthritis. Having fun and keeping your spirits up are two excellent reasons to keep going down the slopes.

Far from being forbidden, it is important to know that physical activity is recommended as soon as it has been previously prepared or adapted.

The SNOOC, a directional single-sled sled accepted on the slopes of more than 100 resorts, allows you to discover new sensations on the ski slopes to keep the pleasure and adrenaline of the curve and speed.


Osteoarthritis: under what conditions can I practice cross-country skiing?

A few recommendations to enjoy the pleasures of cross-country skiing with osteoarthritis.

In case of advanced osteoarthritis, a medical consultation before your departure for winter sports is strongly recommended. The health professional is best able to advise you on the preventive measures to be taken.

For example, people suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee may be able to wear a knee brace.

When adapting the equipment to cross-country skiing with osteoarthritis, SNOOC Touring also offers a good alternative. Especially if you want to limit the vibrations and high stress on your knees. The SNOOC Touring ski touring offers a healthy strain on your joints: slow, steady and without any strain on your knees.  The equipment is used with your boots and offers you a comfortable walking course adapted to the human morphology.

For the descent, we recommend you to use prepared areas such as ski slopes. Your feet in light suspension above the slope are not subject to any pressure and limit vibrations.

Equipment adapted for skiing with osteoarthritis

Ski assis SNOOC

The solution that puts the least strain on the joints is seated skiing. You will probably be amazed by the possibilities and sensations that this solution offers.

Seated skiing is an extremely playful way to regain your skiing sensation. The Tessier seat will cost you 4000€, but the SNOOC ski seat will cost you 249€, the offer is quite large. Most of the models are equipped with a shock absorber and have been designed with special attention to comfort and ergonomics.


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