5 good reasons to start skiing at the age of 50


The mountain is calling you! When it comes to the joy and pleasures of skiing, seniors will have a few special precautions to take before they hit the slopes. Like all winter sports enthusiasts, they are also exposed to accidents of varying degrees of severity.

As the elderly are currently very often in excellent shape, skiing is not forbidden to them.

However it is essential to have the green light from a cardiologist because of the altitude.

5 good reasons to ski after 50 years:

  • It's never too late to discover the pleasures of snow sports.
  • The impact of rational sports activity on health
  • It's not difficult. 
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery
  • The special time spent with loved ones and family

Continuing to ski after the age of 50: precautions to take

The advice that can be given to all winter sports enthusiasts and even more necessary than for adults, than a physical preparation, a healthy diet and good hydration, is carried out a good month before departure.

It will be necessary to be very careful the first few days, and if possible to practice walking for the first two days and to wait until the next day to put on the skis.

It will be necessary that the tracks used are not above the possibilities of this practitioner.

It will often be necessary to use the skills of an SNOOC instructor. in our professionals page, where you will find all the information about SNOOC in the ski resort and all the instructors waiting for you to start the SNOOC experience.

Which ski equipment to choose at the age of 50

Be aware that some equipment allows you to extend your skiing experience by limiting the stress on your lower limbs while providing exceptional gliding and carving sensations.

The SNOOC is one of those magical pieces of equipment that allows you to prolong the pleasure of skiing down the slopes despite the fatigue of an intense ski sequence. No more thigh burns, knee pain and other discomforts that used to keep us more or less off the slopes after a few hours of practice.

You can find our SNOOC Shop here.

See you soon with the SNOOC!

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