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Real feedback for any product is a key to customer trust. At SNOOC, we have collected the feedback of people who have tried SNOOC in ski resorts: beginners, average skiers, good skiers

We have collected the reviews of different people: public figures, non-skiers... 

SNOOC ski sled review:

Laury Thilleman

We start our first feedback with Laury Thilleman. We introduce her: the ex-model has become a journalist and TV host.

Below is his testimony.

Laury had never tested ski touring. She tested the SNOOC and was impressed by the pleasure this sliding machine can bring you. She ends on a good note: "SNOOC is top".

Claire Terasson

Claire is originally from Normandy and has been living in Chambéry for 10 years. She is not very comfortable skiing. Since she tested the SNOOC, she goes everywhere including the black slopes without any problem. When Claire goes skiing with her friends... it's with her SNOOC.

Here is a video of Claire talking about her SNOOC experience


Customer opinions recorded during a test ski

We took the time to do these interviews during a ski test with our customers before and after, to demonstrate that you have to try SNOOC to adopt this fabulous winter equipment.

Confidentiality before the test

The first impression of SNOOC was surprise, which is seen as a cool design, some of them thought that they would hardly be able to control it, which was not the case. 

We could hear "we have a small kart in our hands, but without the steering wheel", "for once we're going to have a laugh, it's going to be different from what we usually do".

Opinions after a first descent

After testing on the ski slopes, they were totally impressed by the ease with which they could control this seated ski sled, and the pleasure that this machine can bring to the pilot.

"At the beginning I was fearful, but I found it very, very playful, we did it as a family, it was extraordinary."

"Great sensations that I hadn't experienced in 10 years, because I haven't skied for 10 years.".

"It's not complicated at the end of a descent that's it... and now we started again"

"Crazy sensations, and I'm afraid of skiing, but I wasn't afraid at all."

The SNOOC is an equipment that is fun and accessible for anyone who likes to discover the mountains.

See you soon with the SNOOC!

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