Cross-country skiing for beginners

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Cross-country skiing, what is it?

Ski de randonnée snooc

Ski touring is quite simply a hike with a ski at your feet, it is a completely different activity that can bring you the pleasure of discovering places in the mountain that are not accessible by the ski lifts.

In recent years, it is a sport that is increasingly practiced. People who need more and more to discover the great outdoors and find themselves in the heart of nature. The closure of the ski lifts in the winter of 2020/2021 has amplified the phenomenon where new practitioners have come to discover the activity on secure routes with a low vertical drop. Between performance or simply the desire to enjoy a beautiful day in the mountains, ski touring brings together a large community of ski practitioners.

For the ascent, you need a ski and seal skins, sticking the skins under the ski to avoid sliding backwards. The use of a binding that frees the heel of the boot, which allows the ski to slide more easily. The use of poles to help you cross steep routes.

Ski touring is an endurance sport, especially uphill, you need to be in good physical condition, downhill is more like alpine skiing you need some skills to handle off-piste snow that could be powder, but also frozen.   

The ski Snooc equipment ideal for beginners in cross-country skiing

ski snooc et luge snooc


Are you a skier or not and you don't enjoy downhill skiing anymore? Ski touring is an endurance activity that can give you the pleasure of a mountaineer to discover the mountain far from the ski slopes?

To start ski touring here at Ski Snooc we offer you the best equipment for beginners to be in a good start, the Snooc Touring is a 2 in 1 equipment that can be used as a ski touring on the way up and once you have reached the top you can turn the snooc ski into a sled no equipment needed and then the fun starts with the Snooc sled it's pure joy on the way down. 

Equipment for a ski touring day

The skis:

Snooc skis ideal for ski touring for beginners with 100 mm ski width that can give you easy access to the mountain.

The bindings:

Snooc bindings offer good control and support during your tour. In addition you do not need special boots for the binding, just a touring boot.

The sticks:

To keep your balance, to support you on the slopes, your ski touring equipment must include ski poles that are strong, light, reliable and comfortable. You can choose between telescopic poles and downhill ski poles. Telescopic poles are adjustable in length, but if you're looking for a simple solution, choose the latter. The most important thing when starting out in ski touring is to have stable ski poles.


Today's ski touring backpacks have dedicated compartments for all equipment. You'll have room for your clothes, glasses, groceries and more. And you'll even have attachments for your skis, which is very practical!

The Arva or other avalanche detection system:

The snow-covered mountain can sometimes be dangerous: you never know when the next avalanche will occur. As a precaution, you should also have an Avalanche Rescue Apparatus (ARVA), and of course a shovel and probe in your ski touring equipment.

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    c’est vraiment accessible, ludique et idéal pour une grande bouffée d’oxygène
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    L Eco Rando en SNOOC Touring “un petit geste pour la planète et dame nature” en mode ludique et convivial !
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