Ski touring as a family and having fun is possible... even with children! 

But what is ski touring? 

Ski touring is a practice which consists in walking around a ski area or even further, with an adapted equipment in order to discover the environment which surrounds us. In a playful way or in competition for some, without the use of specific equipment in ski areas. 


Ski de randonnée famille enfants hors pistes


While having fun, this activity can be more or less sporty depending on your desires! Once the hike is done, it is possible to go down in a playful way even for those who do not know how to ski! 

Want to build unforgettable memories with your family? Then start practicing! 


Randonnée en famille avec enfant conseils montagne




The definition of family ski touring is: DISCOVERY, SHARING, SAFETY AND FUN. In an idyllic environment, going up and down with adapted equipment will be accessible to the whole family! 


Ski Snooc luge en famille avec enfants activité


1- Family ski touring with SNOOC touring skis!


If you simply want to discover the mountain in a different way with ski touring equipment particularly adapted to families, SNOOC is for you! 


The Snooc Touring is a new glide accessible to all, it is the best way to start ski touring with your family and children. 2 in 1, it will allow you to go up with touring skis in a simple and safe way. Once at the top, the Snooc Touring transforms into a sit-ski without any additional equipment. It's a unique and fun descent in powder or on piste! 


You can ski touring while your child is on a SNOOC, but you will have more fun sharing these sensations as a family.


The Snooc brings the whole family to the same level of practice. How proud your children will be to practice the same activity as their parents with such ease.


Your children grow up quickly...and changing equipment every year is particularly expensive. At this price, it's not easy to start hiking... no worries.

The Snooc skis are one size fits all, from children 1.20m to adults 2m, and the binding fits sizes 34 to 48! 


Your children change shoe size during the year, and the price of ski touring boots can make your budget go through the roof. With the Snooc, the equipment is used with shoes to walk in the snow. No specific shoes are needed! This represents a big saving.


In short, beyond the practical aspect, the SNOOC is a piece of equipment that your child can keep until adulthood! A piece of equipment that he can keep for life :-)


Finally, it is an adaptable piece of equipment that can be used by the whole family, but also by friends and non-skiers who join you. Used frequently, the SNOOC will quickly pay for itself. 


This ski touring equipment for children is perfect for these young adventurers, mixing family outings and playful descents. 

The feeling of floating on the snow will be there, as well as a new sensation of sliding! 

randonnée à ski famille snooc


The Snooc Touring in video:





Here is the equipment that will allow you and your family to enjoy a unique environment combined with pure fun! 


Avantages inconvénients snooc randonnée



2- Alpine ski touring


The ski touring is the historical equipment that allows you to explore a mountain environment in a more or less sporting way. It requires a minimum technical level in alpine skiing, because once the climb is done, you will have to go back down on piste or off-piste depending on your itinerary. Alpine ski touring can be practiced with children but once again, the level counts! 

To practice ski touring in complete safety, it can be good to be accompanied by a professional. 

Randonnée moniteur de ski en famille Snooc


Alpine ski touring allows you to access little frequented places, to discover the mountain in a different way, to go on itineraries lasting several days. It offers the most beautiful landscapes in places where we do not have access to downhill skiing. 


Alpine ski touring with children requires specific equipment adapted to its practice, all sizes exist to practice ski touring 

but the investment remains high, especially for children who keep growing! Rental equipment for children is still rare.


Avantages inconvénients du ski de randonnée en famille


Randonée montagne station de ski famille


3- Snowshoeing with children in the mountains


ski raquette randonnée famille 


But what can I use snowshoeing with my children? It's very simple! When the terrain doesn't justify having skis that perform well for the descent. Snowshoe skiing is more pleasant than the snowshoe we all know, it does not require any effort to lift the equipment, just let your foot slide! It offers more lift than a Nordic ski and is fitted with standard après-ski boots on adjustable bindings.


On the way down, snowshoeing will allow you to slide on gentle and hilly slopes provided you have good balance and some notions of telemark skiing.


In the same register but with the possibility of going down without balance and no notion of sliding, the Snooc (presented at the beginning of this article) combines the pleasure of ski-snowshoeing and sledding for the whole family. It allows to discover the mountain in a different way and creates unforgettable shared memories! 


Avantages inconvéniens ski raquette en famille

So what are you waiting for to discover snowshoeing with your children? 

  See also, Snowshoeing SNOOC


Ski raquette enfant


4- Cross-country skiing for children


Light and practical, cross-country skiing is also very suitable for children. It is an initiation, we speak more about ski touring than ski touring. This equipment can only be used on dedicated and marked areas. The terrain is generally flat or hilly in the heart of nature.

More and more cross-country ski tours are being set up in alpine ski resorts to discover other parts of the ski area. You don't need to be a skier, you just have to attach your foot to the binding and follow the path. 


Avantages inconvénients ski de fond en famille enfant

This introduction to ski touring for children allows them to acclimatise to the environment and gain confidence.

Ski touring with children does not necessarily mean that we will climb mountains and descend steep slopes! 


Ski de fond enfant randonnée famille


5- Nordic skiing for children 

Nordic skis are between alpine and cross-country skis, they are wider than traditional cross-country skis. With a width of between 60mm and 90mm, they are suitable for terrain where the snow is denser, and allow for optimal flotation and stability. With an anti-backwards system thanks to scales on the sole, it is not necessary to install skins on low slope terrain.


However, if the slope increases, it will be essential to equip yourself with sealskins. For the binding it remains similar to most ski touring tools by making the heel free.

This way of practising ski touring is very well adapted to children, it is possible to tour on easy paths without the need to use skins. The practice of ski touring on slopes with more snow will be difficult for children who do not have a technical level in alpine skiing. 



Avantages inconvénient ski nordique en famille enfant





The prerequisites



Alpine ski touring for children, even if the equipment is not an obstacle, the difficulty is important so it is not a matter of age but of technical ability and learning time. Even if your children have the ability to ski touring, think about safety. Evolving in a mountain environment with children requires special attention. 


Ski touring with a Snooc is accessible from the age of nine. Thanks to its simple operation, it can be adapted for a nine year old child as well as for a 77 year old person! Obviously, depending on the child's size, level and MOTIVATION, the length and difficulty of the family hiking routes can be adapted! Just like cross-country skiing.


If you are not used to the mountains and your children are under 10 years old, we recommend that you discover cross-country skiing. With well-marked routes and equipment available for hire for children on site.


If you like the challenge of balance and the wilderness just after a powder snowfall, discover snowshoeing with a mountain professional. He will help you discover the most suitable areas for this activity.


Snooc enfant sécurité en randonnée




NONE! Just a little motivation, a big smile and off you go!


For family ski touring with children, the Snooc is ideal, it allows a fun and easy approach for children. No ski level is required, you just have to stand up for the ascent and know how to sit on a sled for the descent! 


For ski touring, a basic level in alpine skiing is mandatory. You must first know how to ski on classic slopes before you can venture out on ski touring! 

But be careful! Ski touring is a practice in the middle of nature, in a risky environment. So, safety is very important, you must take all your precautions before venturing into this world. Especially with children, you must be very careful.


Sécurité ski de randonnée Station famille



Many ski areas are making ski touring more and more common.

Whether it is thanks to the ski resorts, the ESF or the shops, today family ski touring is possible!

The ski resorts diversify their offer by proposing ski touring itineraries adapted to the level of each person. 

In the Southern Alps, in the Northern Alps, in the Pyrenees or elsewhere. Ski touring with children is possible ! 

Ou faire du ski de rando en famille


Go skiing with your children thanks to VTR VOYAGES


In the Southern Alps, the Northern Alps or the Pyrenees, this travel agency has been offering exceptional deals adapted to your desires since 2001. 


Unique turnkey stays, unusual activities, moments of well-being, economical holidays? 

Yes it is possible, and without any headache! VTR Voyages also offers ski equipment rental included in your ski holiday, as well as home delivery of groceries adapted to your diet! 


Discover its wide choice of ski resorts among more than 150 in France: human-sized resorts such as La Norma or Val Cenis or large resorts such as La Plagne or Val Thorens where the pleasures are limitless.


For you and your children, ideal holidays in the ski resorts with the Family Plus label are offered! 


This is how to enjoy your holiday in the mountains by discovering ski touring with your family! 


VTR voyages station de ski famille enfants 


 Équipement ski de rando enfants

Equipment for ski touring

Clothing for ski touring

The jacket is mandatory! Preferably not too thick and light, like a windbreaker, it's ideal. We are often hot when we go hiking, so it is more practical, less hot and easy to take off. Many brands make quality ski touring clothes, there is something for all tastes and prices (Decathlon, Dynafit, Salomon...)


Under layers are very important! In direct contact with our skin they are very useful, you must choose thin clothes with a pleasant fabric and close to the body. For children, Odlo and Craft brands are very good quality for the upper and lower body.


Pants are useful! There is a choice of pants for young and old.

So, you have to choose the one you feel good in, not too close to the body, not too wide.

Especially the most waterproof possible because snow, IT IS WET! The little extra is the pants that open on the sides to let our legs breathe when going up! For the children you can take a size more to hope to keep it longer it is not a problem! 


The socks? No, we don't ski touring with the same socks we wear in our trainers! It is important not to be cold and not to be too tight inside our boots. It is necessary to favour wool which is very insulating or synthetic which does not retain humidity.


Accessories for ski touring with the family 

Matériel ski de randonnée enfants


Is a helmet necessary for ski touring? Yes, it is strongly recommended, especially for children. We evolve in a mountain environment where zero risk does not exist, even on routes where we do not see the danger.

Light and airy helmets are available, you just have to choose your size.

A little advice for children: use adjustable helmets! 


With gloves, it's better! We are not going to bring up the eternal debate between mittens and gloves! On the other hand, what you need is to be comfortable in them and that they are waterproof! 

There's no need to buy thin, fabric gloves either. During your family outing, a snowball fight is bound to happen! 


The backpack for you and your children! A backpack that is not too heavy and practical is ideal. There are some for children and at low prices. 


And when you say family hike, you say sun, you say SUNGLASSES! Remember to protect yourself and your children with sunglasses that have a UV index of 3 or 4!


Safety for all in ski touring! 

Safety equipment is mandatory for ski touring only if you are going to discover off-piste areas. In these areas, adapted equipment is mandatory. 

The avalanche transceiver allows you to save and be saved in case of an avalanche.

The shovel and probe are linked to this equipment, without which it is difficult to save a victim from a risky situation! 

Sécurité montagne ski de randonée


4. Motivating your child to ski touring


Enfant motivation ski hiver

7 tips to encourage your child to ski touring:

 1. Leave the sporting aspect aside, to concentrate on the adventure side; you evolve in a unique and wild environment, let your imagination run free, and make this hike unique!

        2. involve them in the choice of the itinerary! The more the children are involved in your activity, the better they will accept what you have to offer!

   3. Take along some food and little surprises! MOTIVATION is the most important thing, so don't hesitate to give them rewards!

  4. Let them pack their own things! They will feel big and independent and ready to explore the mountain!

5. Take breaks! Children tend to grumble or even get bored easily so take your time, talk about the landscape, the nature around you and the animals.

6. Let them lead! They will lead the family like leaders and they will take their role very seriously...

  7. Take pictures of them! Memories, memories, that's what holidays are all about, so take pictures, create your own story, and let them take some! 


 Enfant randonée ski motivation activités


5. Helping a disabled child discover ski touring

Ski touring is accessible to people with reduced mobility, it's just a question of adaptation! For people who can walk, the Snooc is an adapted equipment. It allows you to move easily on the snow, thanks to the short skis. It will be necessary to adapt the itinerary according to the level of handicap of course. For people with a disability that does not allow them to walk, the wheelchair ski allows you to be pushed and accompanied by a professional.

Ski chair tours are organised in several ski resorts, children can enjoy the mountain environment and the nature around them in complete safety.

Enjoying the beautiful ski touring with children is possible, as in the Vosges for example, adapted stays are proposed with accompanying persons.


6. Family ski touring and safety


Safety in ski touring is very important, especially with children. Ask at the tourist offices, ski schools or the piste service for all the necessary advice for your tour. One of the most important safety rules is that it is forbidden to ski tour up the ski slopes. To avoid collisions between downhill and uphill skiers this rule is necessary.


To evolve in safety, let your children pass in front of you if you are not accompanied by a guide or an instructor, that will allow you to always keep an eye on them! 


Many ski resorts have developed marked ski touring routes, so as not to get lost and to access safe places. It is better to start with this kind of itinerary.


Equip yourself with safety equipment even if you are on marked trails.

As already explained, zero risk does not exist. It is therefore important to equip yourself with specific equipment: avalanche transceiver, shovel and probes! It is quite possible to rent this equipment in ski shops, or if you are supervised by a professional it will usually be lent to you. 


ski de randonnée et sécurité famille hiver


7. Family ski touring with the French ski school

The snooc with a monitor 


Supervision for beginners in ski touring with children is possible! The Snooc Touring can be supervised by a ski instructor.

It will introduce you and your child to nature and the resort in a different way than you know. 

Being supervised by a professional has several advantages. Let yourself be carried along by the experience of the instructor, the safety is controlled by the professional. He knows where to go according to the level of you and your children.

Once you have reached the top, the instructor will give you advice on how to descend sitting on your SNOOC, and you will be surprised by the rapid progress and the pleasure you will have! 

 Snooc avec moniteur de ski randonnée

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Ski touring with a guide

The mountain professional will leave nothing to chance and will make you live an extraordinary experience, thanks to his knowledge of the environment and his experience. 

He will give you good advice and, depending on your level, he will take you to extraordinary places. To find guides, ask at the tourist offices or directly at the guide offices.

randonnée famille avec guide activité hiver


8/ Ski touring and night in a refuge


How to make your children dream in the mountains? Well, why not by living an unusual experience!

Accompanied by a professional or not, it is possible to follow an itinerary that leads to a refuge! There are some in all the resorts, more or less far, the refuges will take you out of time, arrive on skis, eat around a fireplace, sleep in a dormitory with all the family... that's a night in a refuge! 

Enjoy an unforgettable moment with your family in an original setting!

To find out about the availability of the refuge and how to get there, go to the resort's tourist office! 


refuge randonnée à ski en famille enfant


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