An electric SNOOC for winter 2021/2022

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the first E-SNOOC for winter 2021 / 2022. An electric SNOOC with a range of 40km and capable of 9000m of vertical drop. Faced with an uncertain situation, it became essential to allow each customer to be able to ride the snowy slopes in complete autonomy.

At the end of November 2020, when the French government announced the closure of the ski lifts for the winter, Cyril Colmet Daage CEO of SNOOC had a light. "It was no longer possible to be dependent on government decisions, so I asked my R&D team to pull out all the stops. We had to turn this catastrophic situation into an opportunity. We could no longer be led into a mess."

A mission that lasted 100 days. A work in cooperation with a transalpine company. Jacques in charge of R&D at SNOOC (contacted by Fax) explains "We contacted the company that had motorized Marco Pantani's bike. At the time when Marco had his legs out of cardboard in the morning, his team provided him with the necessary material not to pedal in the semolina. A small motor was hidden in the handlebars ... nothing could stop Marco ".

Morillon: Snooceurs getting ready to go up the track. Simon explains shifting gears.

Equipped with the latest technology, the E-SNOOC has a motor the size of a Nokia 3310 keyboard key. An RCX32 motor capable of climbing up to 33 km / h on a 24% gradient. It includes 4 speeds: 10/20/30/33 km / h. No need for skins, bindings, just sit on the seat.

Thanks to E-SNOOC Thierry climbed the Elbruz in 1h17min36sec

In terms of sales, it's taking off. Olivier General and Commercial Director gives us some details "for 3 days it has been effervescence. In 1 week we have sold 80% of the production capacity. It is certain that we will soon be sold out. We have 3 years of business. ahead of our competitors, SNOOC has been able to adapt to the demand of the neo-mountain people ".

Product features

Range: 40 km

Engine: RDCX32

Speed adjustment: 4 speeds on the handlebars.

Bluetooth system to control speeds from your smartphone.

SnoocAPP application compatible with Android and IOS.

High comfort seat

Price: 892 €

To be sure not to miss your E-SNOOC reservation, we advise you for the month of April to taste good Easter chocolates ... chocolate eggs (dark, white, milk) ... without forgetting 1 happy April fool.

Snooceurs going up the track at Praz sur Arly in February


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