Guide to buying an adult sled


To get the most out of your snow excursions, it is essential to have the right sled model for you.

We recommend that you choose the right winter sports equipment for your needs. This buying guide should help you identify the best 2022 adult sled for you.

The links in this article allow you to narrow down your choice on a specific model based on the features that are important to you.

How to choose your sled ?

There are various models available in the stores where you can buy a sled.
But you should know that in reality, the choice is much greater than what you can find in the stores in the resorts
Indeed, it is difficult for a store to stockall the existing sleds. Also, the choice is vast and each type of sled corresponds to a specific need.

The offer is extremely diversified. That is why we have chosen to gather here the whole offer of sleds for adults according to the desired use.

We have taken care to compare French sleds with sleds from other cultures, other countries such as Switzerland, Germany or Austria.

What do you expect from your sled ?

At the beginning, it is necessary to specify the use you wish to make of your sled. It also allows you to refine your expectations and requirements to be fully satisfied with your investment. This is what you will find in the first part of the article.
In the rest of the article, we have analyzed all the criteria that define the characteristics of existing sleds in 2022.
These are the criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing your sled.


Why sled ?

This is probably the first question to ask yourself.

The answer is often quite simple and very enthusiastic: to feel exceptional sensations !

The feeling of sliding and speed that you feel at ground level. The adrenaline that rises during this experience is unique.

Snooc sled carved turn

There aren't many other ways to get this experience at a lower cost.

For example, go-karting offers similar thrills. However, considering the same amount of practice time, it represents a higher financial and environmental cost.

Sledding will allow you to live these moments of pure pleasure on a larger scale with less environmental impact.

So, better than Mario Kart, let yourself be exhilarated by an activity that totally solicits your 5 senses and offers you emotions and memories for the rest of your life !

Has sledding evolved ?

Maybe you have an image of the sled that is no longer really relevant and you are not aware that there have been developments that better meet your desires and desires ...

Vintage wooden Rosebud sled

This possibility may open new perspectives for you.
Indeed, you no longer need to access a bobsleigh track to experience the excitement of riding. Modern sleds offer exceptional trajectory precision.

Snooc sled carved and laid turn

And unlike go-karting, which is done on a track, there is an incredible variety of luge routes and courses in the mountains.

For example, does the best 2022 sled we have selected give you a different picture of what you thought a sled was ?

Yes, yes, the one in this picture, with a seat, a handle and a skate... It's a SNOOC ! You will learn more about it later in the article.


Snooc sled seen from three quarters front
After this update of what sledding is today, you now have a clearer vision of what's possible... and you've probably evolved your expectations 🙂.

Rent or buy a sled ?

Is buying the best option for you ?
Have you wondered how easy it is to find rental equipment in your destination ?

monoskiing park

Is there a store that rents it? Is the activity offered by the ski school of your resort ?
If you can't find the information on the internet, the tourist office of your resort will be able to inform you.

Ski sled in Flaine in the Grand Massif

In short, if the equipment is available on site, it may be more practical to rent your equipment than to buy it !

But if this winter sports equipment is not available in the resort on your mountain destination, or if you want to go sledding outside a resort or in sledding tour, you will most likely not find a rental company at the start of your tour.

Group at the start of the luge track

On the other hand, you may want to be sure of the condition of your equipment by knowing who and how it was used...

Snow sled jump

And maybe it would even be nice to have your own equipment to use for many years.
In this case, buying is the right solution.

Now that you have clarified your need, let's get down to business and talk about the factors involved in choosing your new equipment.

What to look for before buying a sled

Intensity of use

Would you like to use it everywhere ? On dedicated areas when they exist only or also on the ski slopes  and even in hiking ?

Group sledging on a ski slope

The wider the range of use your sled offers, the more you will use it.

Of course, you practice sledding on the dedicated sledding runs of your resort.

This space is often small, and massively frequented by very young children, adults are not always well seen by parents who stand guard to protect their offspring.

So it would be nice if this sled also allowed you to go on the ski slopes and make miles of descent without getting tired and without having to face the eyes of others !

Probably, on these wide open spaces, you would enjoy your sled much more if you used it intensively.

 Sledding on a ski run with a sea of clouds

Not to mention the fact that hiking off the beaten track is a magical break in our daily rhythm.

All public

Also, be sure to choose a sled that you can lend to friends and family.
One size fits all for both children and adults, allowing for a greater number of uses.

Family sledding with a mother and her 9 year old daughter

You take pleasure in sharing your experience by making your loved ones discover new sensations


It's hard to talk about profitability for a piece of equipment that you buy for yourself and your own hobby.
But if you consider that your sled is used for three different activities: on the sled run, on the ski run and on the trail.

That it allows you to spend hours sliding without getting tired...

three adults on a chairlift with their Snooc sled

May your friends and family spend hours enjoying these sensations

It is very likely to be used very often !

Group of adults starting out on a Snooc sled with energy
The profitability is then calculated by taking into account your purchase price and the number of hours of use.
You can quickly see that the cost of your sled per hour of use is very low !


The strength of the quality of materials, The quality of the construction and the repairability of your sled will keep it for a long time.
Green Snooc adult sled
You quickly realize that the price, divided by the number of years of use, encourages you to choose a more robust model.

In this calculation, your equipment is more economical with a more limited ecological impact over time.


Beyond use, also consider the size of your equipment. A compact sled is more convenient to carry

Miniature sled in one hand
A folding or collapsible sled with a small footprint can be stored more easily in your trunk and is easier to take on the road.


Feather to emphasize the lightness of the sled

Lightness makes sense if you want to go sledding, but not only.

Indeed, the transport of your equipment between your place of residence and the practice area can sometimes be long enough to end up being demotivating even before accessing the pleasure of sledding.

To keep all your energy and enthusiasm and access the practice areas without hesitation, a light sledding equipment allows you to enjoy more easily these exceptional sensations, even when you have to walk a little to access it.


Finally, don't overlook comfort. If you choose a quality sled, you'll probably enjoy the pleasure of sledding longer.
Just as the choice of saddle is important in biking, the ergonomics of the seat is a determining factor for your sled

If you go sledding with your kids for 30 second runs, you can probably sit on a piece of wood, it won't make any difference.
But when you go sledding for a full afternoon of runs, it's a different matter. You're on bumpy surfaces, you're subjected to shocks, vibrations...

A wrap-around seat, equipped with an anti-skid system, cradles you to limit friction.

icon cushion to emphasize comfort

An ergonomic seat rmakes the chair comfortable despite the discomfort generated by the two pointed bones under the buttocks that are the ischiums.

Particular attention should also be paid to the comfort of your coccyx, a bone that is particularly stressed in the event of a shock while sitting.

Synthesis image of the coccyx

The more you enjoy the more your seat adapts to your ergonomics without excessive or concentrated compression under your buttocks or legs.

Sledding Safety

Be sure to check the safety management of your sled ein case of a fall.
A safety strap or leash that connects you to your sled, holds it in place, and therefore protects bystanders down the track who might be hit by an unmanned sled.

Plastic sled without broken leash

Cruising position

The position on your sled is very important.
Haven't you ever felt like you were knee-deep in your previous experiences ?
adult on a child's sled with knees close to the chin
So for your purchase, choose a sled that allows you to extend your legs.

This way you avoid cramps caused by an uncomfortable position ;-)

Acceleration position

Another important point of ergonomics and position.

With an adult sled, you'll probably find yourself going through powdery snow or having to slide on false flats.
In these situations, you're glad you can limit friction to keep the speed you need by limiting foot contact with the snow.

There are two ways to do this, either by placing your feet on the two runners of your sled if it allows it.

Either the ergonomics are designed to allow you to lift your feet effortlessly, for example with the ergonomics of the SNOOC, whose seat supports the thighs.

adult sledder on a Snooc


You evolve on snowy spaces characterized by bumps, breaks of slopes, compressions and probably some jumps if you take a little speed.

Have you ever fallen off your chair onto a hard floor ? A bad joke, fatigue or drunkenness ?... if you have, you know what we are talking about...

suspension spring for adult sleds
Only a suspension allows you to play with terrain accidents. You appreciate (especially your coccyx) that it is efficient and progressive without blocking at the end of the stroke.

In short, trust us, the ergonomics and the suspension make the difference! Especially if you're going to be riding downhill for hours on end.

Find in the customer reviews valuable feedback from the field.


It is important to consider the material of the sled. The best known model is the Davos wooden sled with two runners.
The great advantage of wooden models is durability. A wooden sled can last for generations if it is well cared for. Store it in a dry place after thoroughly drying the runner fittings with a cloth.

However, like skiing, modern materials such as plastic and fiber provide real advantages in terms of performance and moisture resistance, while maintaining longevity and low maintenance. A quality sled is often synonymous with a durable sled.


Be sure to check the repairability of your sled.

Some sleds are irreparable, a detached element, a hole, a snag and they are good to throw away.

Other equipment such as the Snooc allows you to change each part without tools.

Adult sled disassembled in parts

Repair is a way to extend the life of your winter sports equipment for many years.

The best value for money sled

Aprice comparisonsometimes allows you to find the cheapest model on the market... But be sure to compare solutions that meet your needs and desires.

Study the adult sled comparisons keeping in mind the elements we have detailed above and remember that :it often costs more to buy cheap

Comparative table of sleds by type

Positive points Negative points

Single sled

Going up without walking
Thanks to its authorization on the ski slopes in most resorts, it is possible to use the ski lifts in many ski resorts.

Great safety
brought by precise trajectories and a clean stop in skidding.

Gliding sensation
Like snowboarding, the unique ski allows you to take angles in turns and to carve.

Solidity and robustness
Most models are approved for more than 90kg and some models for more than 150kg

Thanks to the suspension with which some models are equipped and to the ergonomics of the seat adapted to all.

All terrain
Some models are adapted to off-road and hiking
Learning :
a few minutes are necessary


A few minutes are necessary

An investment :
with a price sometimes higher than the first prices of the sleds for adults, the single sled is an investment for many years
Two-skate sleds


Two-skate sleds


Particularly stable on two skids

Going up without walking
Lifts available in Switzerland and Austria

Practice area
Numerous dedicated and adapted slopes in Switzerland and Austria

The sport sleds can go up to more than 70 km/h on adapted slopes. A treat !

Interesting for the deformable and articulated models

Practice area
Prohibited on ski slopes
Few suitable terrains in France

Weak for rigid models

Competition models require learning and some practice

Does not accept slopes

Plastic sleds

Practice areas :
Dedicated sledding runs exist in some resorts in France.

Equipment available :
Sledding is included in the price of the lift
Practice area :
Not allowed on ski slopes

Availability :
Some models are only available second hand (discontinued production)

Inflatable sleds

Equipment made available :/strong>
On dedicated practice areas and during events, equipment is made available

Quality :
The top of the range model allows you to evolve in rando-luge


Practice area :
Not allowed on ski slopes

Practice area :
Not all resorts have a practice area or only on children's areas

Beware, the basic models are sensitive to abrasion

Find the comparison of sleds for adults on our website.

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