Ski luge for adults... back to the future !


The ski luge on two skates

You are probably convinced that skiing is the king of winter leisure? What if I told you that ski sledding has nothing to envy to stand-up skiing !

Let's take our time machine and explore the key moments of this sled on skis so exceptional, that it has not finished surprising us !

Directional sled in action in decomposed photos


A unique sled-ski

After the "ski sled", a first revolutionary winter sports equipment that allows to make curves thanks to a deformable frame, our inventor does not stop there! !

In 1973 Fabris presented his sled on a ski. A revolutionary model that allows the greatest number of people to discover the pleasure of sliding in a few minutes.
Ski sled model Fabris
Thisski sled This ski sled revolutionary folds for easy transport. Its suspension and its seat filled with foam ensure an optimal comfort. Finally, it is equipped with a system that allows it to take the ski lift.

Surprisingly, the runner of this sled strongly resembles that of the first version of the two-ski sled.

Carver, the parabolic glide

If you look closely, it is clear that this is a parabolic sled ski with a very short radius of curvature.
Parabolic ski sled
The kind of board that manufacturers will call "incredible progress" in the 96 years is 20 years later !


With a little bad faith, you will surely argue that it is not because we make a skiluge that it makes a ski to ski !?


From sledding to carving

Well, yes! In 1973 our "Geo Trouvetou" invented the parabolic ski.

A real carving ski while at the same time, Jacques Burton launched his first snowboard, with a radius of 7m but without edges.

It is only in 1983, 10 years later, that the engineer Frank Meatto of Olin Corp. worked on a ski for beginners.

This is how the "Albert" ski with 128-40-79mm ribs came out, which is considered today as the first ski with a modern shape.

Once again this story illustrates perfectly a well-known adage: "no one is a prophet in his own country". Skiers are not more capable of shaking their old habits than others.

In the 80's it is snowboarding that comes to tickle the world of skiing and suggest him to evolve by shaking it strongly.

Before coming to the rescue of the winter sports market, snowboarding will be forbidden on the slopes and the ski lifts. Snowboarders will be called names.

What could be more natural? When change comes, we protect ourselves by resisting... then we accept.

Anyway, in the early 70's, sledding with skis was way ahead of skiing !

The proof in pictures with these few standing turns! caught during our last "back to the future" !

But by the way,... taking a step back... What's scratching the ski world today ?!

Sledding with Cyril in 70's clothing in Tignes

#SNOOC, la the ski sled that goes up :-))

A modern solution

The Snooc is the successor to this magnificent ski sled, bringing with it a number of innovations.
Snooc ski sled top view
Just like the monoski sled,from Fabris, it is folding, it has a parabolic ski but a little less pronounced to facilitate the grip at the beginning. It is also much lighter and compact to store it in the trunk.

Especially since this ski sled requires less equipment as there is no need for skates or plastic shoes.

The deliberate choice to keep a very low center of gravity greatly improves balance and allows for feelings of speed tenfold at ground level, without reaching excessive speeds.


We have detailed the design at length in a dedicated article.

Beyond the material itself, this new practice is now authorized in many ski resorts , on the slopes with the skiers.

A long term work to gain the confidence of mountain resorts, to prove by experience the qualities of this sled on a ski that is actually a sit-ski . Demonstrate the safe experience that the ski sled brings to beginners and the renewed pleasure for those who are jaded to skiing.

From now on, we can say that skiing has its own educational tool, a first step to taste the sensations of skiing without technique and without risk with the ski sled.

Group starting out in ski sledding

This is another step towards accessibility and inclusion in this addictive world of snow sports.

We hope that this ski sled will bring a new public to enjoy the joys of snow and who knows... to take up other snow sports activities later on !

Rando-luge ski... hiking !

In addition to the incredible playground that the monoski sled SNOOC opens for all the lovers of ground level sensations, the Snooc brings a much wider dimension to the lovers of outdoor sports: mountain hiking.
two people in a sled ski touring
An incredible opportunity for people living in mountain towns. You will find at least one toboggan run near Grenoble in Isère, as you will find toboggan runs in the sledging around Geneva in Switzerland. . Moreover, it will probably be the same sledging track near Annemasse.

As for the inhabitants of the big cities, they will find according to their territory, the closest sledging track to Lyon or a long toboggan run near Chambéry or Aix les Bains in Savoie, and Annecy in Haute-Savoie.

In short, SNOOC gives you access to mythical routes, several kilometers long and so much fun to ride !

I invite you to discover some pictures of the hiking trips, before discovering in a more detailed way this revolutionary adult ski sled.

You will find more information about practice of ski sledding and the hiking and sledding equipment.

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