Handiski: the Snooc ideal sliding sport


Looking for equipment for this winter but you are not a skier or you are a disabled person passionate about winter sports, that does not prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of the snow! The solution is with us! The Snooc handiski, seated ski sled is what you need to enjoy and experience the pleasure of sliding on the snow.

No need for adapted equipment, with the Snooc DH you use the same equipment as your friends.

Meet our SNOOC ambassador:

Our Ambassador Stéphane had a stroke that changed his life. Since then, he has become more interested in winter activities adapted to his case and he has always wanted to experience the joy of sliding, since he has never tried any. Then he discovered the SNOOC sit-skiing winter equipment, since then for him SNOOC is the way to get out of his comfort zone and practice safely handiskiing SNOOC.

Here's a word from Stéphane to inspire everyone to challenge themselves and make their dreams come true:

“ Hello,

It's Stephane, following a stroke in 1995 my life has had major after-effects and above all I find myself hemiplegic on the right side, in short, to make a long story short all these years I have worked in rehabilitation in the center or at home today I practice several SPORTS great hiking as the gr20 in 2018 / I participate in recumbent recumbent bike raids large distances / from the Fitness in the ordinary environment and SNOOC in winter is a great feeling because I have never experienced the joys of skiing and I'm very happy to do it. It's a quick and safe learning process and what a simple love affair I feel alive when I'm skiing and I feel like a pioneer when I see the reaction of the friendly skiers.


Stephan Tesdechi “

Stephan's opinion on the SNOOC sit-ski sled:

A message from Stephan to say how happy he is to discover SNOOC and to start practicing the winter sport of luge

How to drive SNOOC as a person with a disability:

The Snooc Sit Ski winter equipment is designed for people with lower limb disabilities. The skier sits in a AComfortable seatfixed on an articulated frame mounted on a ( uniski ).

Pilot himself in total autonomy. For this, he will be equipped with a «Retractable handle » allowing him to maintain his balance. To turn, the skier only has to tilt the upper body to initiate the turn.

You can find our SNOOC Shop here.

See you soon with the SNOOC!



  • Posted on by steph tesdechi
    Merci David et Thomas oui comme vous le dites c’est vraiment un plaisir pour un non-skieur comme moi de pouvoir m’amuser sur les pistes comme tous le monde j’ai osé , le Snooc est idéal je recommande évidement .amicalement et sportivement Stéph T
  • Posted on by David Deux
    bonjour Stéphane

    Votre témoignage est super motivant
    J’ai testé Snooc également c’est génial
    Bien à vous

  • Posted on by Thomas Grand

    Quel bonheur de savoir qu’avec le Snooc le produit est accessible aux personnes en situation de handicap.
    Comme tout le monde, ils peuvent profiter des joies de la montagne.

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