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You want to do Snooc and you want to find tobogganing and ski touring itineraries. No problem you find our official page on Outdooractive, where you will find a wide range of routes selected for your pleasure.

Outdooractive is the largest outdoor platform in Europe, offering thousands of tracks, trails and itineraries designed for a wide range of outdoor activities (Ski touring / Sledging / Climbing / Mountain biking / Hiking. ..).

Outdooractive offers you a map of Europe with trails to guide you with the GPS of your phone.

Outdooractive is your starting point to plan and organize your free time in the open air.

SNOOCSNOOC, is a revolutionary sports equipment, which gives you the opportunity to experience a new adventure in the mountains.

Snowshoe sled SNOOCis designed for skiers and non-skiers and can be learned easily in only 10 minutes of practice.

We have created two products SNOOC to meet the needs of people who are passionate about the mountains. Moreover, to offer them the possibility to access the mountain in complete safety and to enjoy the experience SNOOC.

Our Products:

The SNOOC TOURING is a winter equipment designed for skiers and non-skiers. You can go on winter tours with two mini skis/snowshoes and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Alps, then you can easily transform it into a Snooc sledge and enjoy the pleasure of sliding down in a seated position like a seated ski.

The SNOOC DOWNHILL, a top level sit-ski for beginners and professionals. It allows you to glide in a seated position, with exceptional stability and control on all types of terrain.

The SNOOC is present on Outdooractive:

The SNOOC is authorized in a large number of ski resorts in Europe. Our collaboration with Outdooractive is to provide mountain lovers with a fun and easy access and to simplify for those looking for suitable slopes and itineraries to practice tobogganing and Snooc cross-country skiing for beginners and amateurs.

The routes we offer on Outdooractive include SNOOC TOURING and SNOOC DOWNHILL. SNOOC DOWNHILL you can access trails prepared for the pleasure of sliding, it will be accessible by cable cars to the top of the toboggan runs and then it's up to you to treat yourself with the SNOOC.

But with the SNOOC TOURING you have access to natural areas thanks to the SNOOC mini-skis which are designed for the pleasure of cross-country skiing/ski touring in all types of terrain and also after a winter hike, you get the reward by sliding using the Snooc sledge after transforming it.

Where can I do the SNOOC:

Plan your winter outdoor activity with the Snooc toboggan run routes on the Outdooractive platform.

NWe are present in a number of ski resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany where we offer a wide choice of slopes and routes for all levels and tastes. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can enjoy the Snooc experience.

Every time you want to plan your next mountain adventure, whether it's tobogganing or cross-country skiing, check out the trails and routes that have been selected by our team so that you can have the best possible experience with your family and friends using SNOOC.

You can find our official page on Outdooractive here.

See you soon with the SNOOC!

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