Snooc a fun activity with friends in the mountains


Our passion for winter sports commits us to design the best sliding equipment for mountain lovers. We present to you the winter equipment, close to the toboggan and the paret: the Snooc.  

What is a Snooc: 

The SNOOC, is revolutionary sports equipment, which gives you the opportunity to experience a new mountain adventure. 

It is designed for those who like to discover the mountain in a fun and easy way. 

The SNOOC (ski close to paret and toboggan) is designed for skiers and non-skiers and can be learned easily in just 10 minutes of practice.  

We have created two products SNOOC, in order to meet the needs of people who are passionate about the mountains. Also, to offer you the possibility to access the mountain in complete safety and to enjoy the experience SNOOC.

 Our Products:

Snooc DownhillSnooc Touring








The SNOOC TOURING is winter equipment designed for skiers and non-skiers. You can go on winter hikes with two skis + sealskins and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Alps, then you can easily turn it into a Snooc sled and enjoy the pleasure of sliding while sitting.

The SNOOC DOWNHILL, a next level sit-ski for beginners and experts. It allows you to glide in a seated position, with exceptional stability and control over all types of terrain.


How it works? : 


The Snooc is compact, light (2 kg), comfortable and easy to transport.


On the way up, the user puts on his two skis, equipped with bindings and skins, and carries the portable seat and suspension in a backpack.

Once at the top, just layer the skis on top of each other and add the seat and suspension to assemble your Snooc.

The transformation into a Snooc sled or cross-country ski takes less than 5 minutes: no equipment is necessary, all you have to do is sit down and slide again, and enjoy the pleasure of sliding on the slopes or off-piste: it's pure pleasure!

Because a short video is better than a long speech, you will understand by watching this demonstration:


Advantage of Snooc:

Accessible and fun, the Snooc allows everyone to enjoy the joys of skiing, without special training or technical training. Whatever your level of winter sports practice, you can hurtle down snowy areas at full speed, in the middle of nature.

Even people who have never skied before will be able to master this very fun and reassuring machine.


Where to practice Snooc ?:

Our Snooc team has created a partnership with the best ski resorts in Europe. You can find in our blogs where to practice Snooc in ski resorts! 

Top 5 Stations for Snooc

Over 200 Snooc toboggan and snowshoe routes on Outdooractive

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