Comparison of sleds for 2021


The winter season is approaching, for adults and children, for skiers and non-skiers alike you can enjoy sledding as a fun and friendly alternative winter activity.

Whatever your age, sledding is a pleasure, sharing with family and friends and guaranteed sensations. It is also a good way to do sport and have fun at the same time.

In this article we propose you a comparison of alternative luge. We have all asked ourselves one day the question: what is the best sled? What is the most original sled? Snow scooter, skateboard, sled, there's something for every taste

How to choose a sled adapted to your needs?

We will show you the original sled models so that you can have different types of sleds.

We will see together the specificities of each model to help you make your choice.

The Models

Below is our selection of sleds that you can find on the market.


luge snow slider

Let gravity be your friend as you dominate the slopes with this ultra-lightweight Snow Slider. Forget about sliding down a big sled; this remarkably strong and lightweight steel-framed slide lets you glide with ease. The unique front ski allows you to turn with precision as you descend the slope, while the textured handles help you maintain control while reducing the tension and fatigue you feel when trying to steer an old school sled or toboggan. It also incorporates hand protection and an ergonomic mesh seat for a comfortable descent.

Snowskate, Fusesnow:



Perfect combination of skateboard and snowboard, the Fuse Snow snowskate allows the pleasure of sliding on snow, the agility of a city skateboard and the simplicity of a traditional board ! Indeed, no need for a boot or a binding : you surf on your Snowskate in total freedom and comfort, even in light snow !

Esla Scooter:

Esla trotinette


The snow scooter is an old Scandinavian recipe for transportation. Snow scooter is well suited for physical training, competitive sports, or simply to get around outdoors in winter. Snow scooter is easy to learn, after a few minutes of practice anyone can get kicking blocking.

The sled:

Luge traineau


The sleigh, historical model is back in fashion. Often made of wood, it allows a very good glide and stability.


The Snooc Downhill sled:

Luge snooc downhill


The SNOOC DOWNHILL, is a revolutionary sports equipment, authorized on the ski slopes in a large number of ski resorts, it offers you new sensations of gliding aura of the ground as in luge or karting. It offers an easy alternative and particularly adapted to non-skiers who can discover the pleasures of sliding in 10 minutes and in complete safety.

The SNOOC DOWNHILL, a seated ski for beginners and professionals. It allows you to glide in a seated position, with exceptional stability and control on all types of terrain.

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