Time for the Planet: raise 1 billion euros by 2030


Members of the SNOOC team decided to join Time For The Planet in order to build a long-term project to fight against global warming.

What is Time For The Planet?


Time For The Planet is an idea of several associates who aim to create a company to fight against greenhouse gases. Arthur Auboeuf co-founder is a former intern at SNOOC.

The planet belongs to everyone ... Time For The Planet too.

Their goal: to found and finance 100 companies to reduce greenhouse gases, on a global scale.

They are targeting 1 billion euros in fundraising by 2025-2030. Their slogan "We are the last generation who can still act"


Why get involved

Time For The Planetstarted from the observation that many people wanted to get involved in the fight against global warming without necessarily being able to act.

The organization allows as many people as possible to participate in the adventure. To become a Time For The Planet shareholder, all you have to do is pay € 1 to get a share and be able to act. In a way, everyone gives according to these means, these convictions. It is the same thing at the level of its implication, each one carries out it according to its time.

Time for the planet implication

Who are the members

Time For The Planet brings together all those who want to participate in the project regardless of their nationality. With the aim of a constructive project, Time For The Planet wishes to structure itself. "We are bringing together scientists, entrepreneurs, money and engaged citizens to fight climate change on a large scale."



How to get involved

By acting and becoming a shareholder. More info here

Give shares to friends instead of buying a gadget that ends up in the trash or at the bottom of a drawer.

Convince these friends, his companies, his partners to finance the project.

We invite you to discover their site and the entire project on Time For The Planet.

Time For the planet cadeau

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