Getting physically prepared for the ski season

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Winter sports holidays are fast approaching and in order to fully enjoy this week, it is important to be well prepared to avoid injuries that would spoil this moment.

Some skiers suffer more or less quickly on their skis as soon as they put on their boots without any particular pathology or injury being the cause. There is still time to bring curative solutions. Bootfitting, osteopathy, exoskeletons, bodybuilding, ... allow to reposition the effort or relieve pressure to take pleasure longer.

But it is also possible to prolong the experience by sliding activities that remove all pressure on the knee joint.

How to prepare for the ski season:


Start practicing some exercises 1 to 2 months before you hit the slopes:

To avoid knee injuries and aches and pains, start (re)exercising one to two months before going on vacation.

To do this it is important to strengthen your legs, especially the muscles around the knee.


Practice exercises that strengthen your cardio


It is so important to work on your cardiovascular system to be able to finish a slope smoothly and without difficulty.

Some of these exercises are:

Practice at least 30 minutes of cycling per week.

Swim in the pool once a week.

Practice running or Nordic walking.

Focus on the muscles of the lower body

In sliding sports, the main muscles are those of the lower limbs, especially those of the thighs (quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors and buttocks) and those of the abdominal strap.

To strengthen this part of our body, we suggest several exercises that you can do at home:  

Do sessions of 20 squats and 20 lunges alternately...

The position taken on skis is semi-flexed.

Position of the chair against a wall. Come position your back against the wall with your legs bent (as if you were sitting on a chair). This exercise helps to avoid pain at the bottom of the slopes after the first day.

The skipping rope.

Work on your balance

You have to have balance to catch yourself in case of a fall, or improve your performance.

To stimulate your sense of balance, a few easy-to-repeat gestures:

Stand on one foot with the knee of the other leg raised horizontally, keep this position as long as possible. If you feel comfortable, you can add a little more movement by closing your eyes.

Stretch your body's muscles 

Finally, don't forget to stretch your body's muscles! Loosen up, relax and stretch your muscles by breathing well. 

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    Merci pour ces conseils précieux. Encore quelques mois avant d’aller skier.

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