Skiing after a ligament / knee injury


For skiers suffering from an injury related to knee ligaments, patella, or meniscus, we have specified the appropriate equipment.


Skiing after an accident: thanks to the Snooc continue skiing with fragile knees

Luge Snooc equipement mal genoux

There, the damage is done. The time may be for regret or remorse, but it is above all for action. Not skiing anymore is an option to which many people resign themselves while there are many solutions.

It is possible to regain sensations of speed, carving and trajectories very easily with equipment such as the Snooc sled.

With the Snooc sled, you can glide safely and stably on slopes or off-piste. and make tight turns even on steep slopes. this too eliminates pressure on the joints of the lower limbs.

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Testimony of Thomas Mialon :

"I live at the foot of the mountains. I've been skiing a lot, with a preference for steep slopes. My first cruciate ligament rupture on the slopes was a first warning which was confirmed with a second accident two years later. This second cruciate ligament rupture cooled me down. As a speed sports enthusiast, I then became interested in other ways of skiing that would put less strain on my knees. The Snooc was a revelation. I find very intense sensations again, especially since I'm at ground level. It's reassuring for my legs, I have no joint pain after a day's skiing! It was very quick to take in hand and I can go over black tracks as well as bumpy fields.


Skiing knee injuries

The knee is particularly exposed in the practice of skiing This is why physical preparation, muscular reinforcement and warm-up is an essential part of skiing practice. It can take a long time and may weaken the knee joint in the future.

The two most frequent knee traumas in skiing

Knee sprain

Knee sprain is a common skiing accident. It is an injury to the ligaments. According to statistics, a skiing accident is usually due to a wrongly fastened device on the skier or a false movement during a descent. Adult women and beginners are often the most affected.

Rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the knee

Generally defined as a knee trauma, the rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the knee can be the consequence of a bad support or a rotation of the body in relation to the foot. Skiing, being part of pivot sports, records a significant number of knee cruciate ligament ruptures.

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