• Comparison of sleds for 2021

    Comparison of sleds for 2021
    The winter season is approaching, for adults and children, for skiers and non-skiers alike you can enjoy sledding as a fun and friendly alternative winter activity. Whatever your age, sledding is a pleasure, sharing with family and friends and guaranteed sensations. It is also a good way to do sport and have fun at the same time. In this article we propose you a...
  • Our customers have tested SNOOC

    Our customers have tested SNOOC
    Vos hésitez? vous ne savez pas quoi penser? peux être même vous ne comprenez pas à quoi ca sert...? Alors pour vous aider à vous faire une idée et savoir si le Snooc mérite votre attention, nous avons interrogé les primo testeurs... Vous verrez qu'eux aussi étaient méfiants mais les témoignages à chaud sont incroyables !!!
  • How to avoid knee pain when skiing

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    How to avoid knee pain when skiing
    The case of pain without trauma Knee pain from skiing?! Some skiers suffer more or less quickly on the skis as soon as they put on their shoes without a particular pathology or injury being involved. There is still time to find curative solutions. Bootfitting, osteopaths, exoskeletons, weight training, ... allow you to reposition effort or relieve pressure to take pleasure for longer. But...
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